3D Glasses Review
By:Dark Ranger

Published : 8th December 2003
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E-Dimensional's 3d Glasses are supplied with Nvidia and ATi drivers, in order to fully test performance, we have reviews for both sets of drivers. You can read Rocky's review for the Nvidia driven 3d Glasses by clicking here.


So I ordered these new E-Dimensional 3D Glasses I've been hearing about. Couldn't wait for UPS to arrive so I could tear open the package and immerse myself in my own virtual world. I was really curious how gaming would look.

Upon first inspection, I noticed the quality packing job by E-Dimensional. Nothing was broken or missing. Hmm, what goodies do we have here?

  • E-D Glasses System Users Guide
  • CD-ROM Version 2.0 with updated drivers
  • VGA Dongle
  • Wired Stereoscopic glasses

Also packed were some nice games:

  • Star Trek Bridge Commander
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
  • Nascar HEAT


(NOTE: Be sure your computer and monitor are completely powered off before proceeding.)

Hardware setup is pretty easy:

  • Attach the VGA Dongle input into your video card VGA output
  • Insert your monitor cable into the Dongle
  • Then, plug in the 1/8th" jack from the glasses into the Dongle

That's it. Hardware setup is done!

ATI Card

Although users previously had to e-mail E-Dimensional support for drivers for ATI cards, the drivers are now shipped with the glasses, in the box.

Once you're in-game, press Scroll Lock to enable the 3D hotkeys, and press F5 to enable 3D for DirectX -based games. Tweak away to your liking. Once finished, just press F5 to toggle off the 3D effect, and press Scroll Lock to disable the hotkeys.

I have tested the updated drivers with ATI's new Catalyst 3.7. Overall 3D performance seems to be significantly better than the 3.6s. Initially, I had used the 3.5s for testing, but I was curious about the newly-released 3.7s. I suggest you give them a try.

I do not notice much difference with graphic quality, compared with the earlier E-Dimesional driver package, but the setup and initialization is much more efficient.

Hot-Key Functions

Time to fire up Ghost Recon. Now, I wrote down the hot-key commands to make it easier to change settings in the heat of action.

Here are the Hot-Key Functions for DirectX-based games:

  • F5 Stereo 3D ON
  • F5 Stereo 3D OFF
  • F7 Increase Degree of Stereo
  • Shift-F7 Reduce Degree of Stereo
  • F6 Increase Depth Position of Screen
  • Shift-F6 Reduce Depth Position of Screen
  • Ctrl-F7 Reverse Stereo
  • F8 Increase Vertical Gap (Sync Doubler)
  • Shift-F8 Decrease Vertical Gap (Sync Doubler)

Since Ghost Recon is a DirectX-based game, I have selected F5 to toggle Stereo on. Now, the Stereo Gap should be adjusted without wearing the glasses, just to align the two separate views. I used the Character and Weapon Boxes at the lower left and right of the screen for this adjustment. I found it provides a better focusing image than trees or rocks.

At this point, it really depends on your own variables, such as you physical eye separation, monitor size, and personal preference. The higher you place the values, the more it will increase the perceived distance between near and far objects. E-Dimensional suggests that nearly all objects in most games should appear behind the screen.

Testing It Out

After finally tweaking it to my liking, I decided to go play around with trees and guns. I had taken a sniper along for this test, so I approached him and sat down at his twelve, basically looking right down his rifle. The first thing I noticed is how the non-3D objects interact with the 3D objects. For instance, the Reticule, Character and Weapon Boxes, and any mission messages thrown up are all flat, in contrast to the geometry behind it. It was almost like I could reach around behind and touch the back of the Reticule or the little boxes. These were really layers! Trees might seem cool enough in 2D, but I actually found myself moving my head sometimes to avoid branches.

Weaponry was another very interesting bit. The depth of the scope with regard to barrel of the rifle is actually realistic. The stationary .50s seems real enough to actually reach out and grab a hold of. I may seem a bit excited here, but this effect is one you just have to see to believe. It cannot be duplicated in a 2D world. I also tried out a few weapon mods. It's incredible how much effort these modders put into their work, and in this 3D world, it really shows! Earl's weaponry mod was one I was really impressed with.

Using the Reticule is worth mentioning too. I actually found it more difficult, with the 3D effect enabled, to acquire and eliminate tangos. Remember, your Ret is a 2D image, so you actually have to look through it just before you click that trigger. It definitely takes away some of the ability to place perfect sniper shots at 300 yards, but it does present a nice challenge.

Night-Vision is a unique experience, too. I'm not too fond of the game's default Night-Vision capabilities, albiet perfect. In the real world, you can't see objects at that optimal resolution. I usually run a NV mod to diminish the effects a bit, and this 3D effect certainly helps make it a much more realistic experience . Objects seem more pixelized, and definatly alot more difficult to pick out - visual quality rolls off with increasing distance.

Framerates - there is a hit, but unless you are running GR on a system near required specs, there shouldn't be too much of an issue. For optimal performance, I'd recommend you have a decent framerate, as a high framerates are required to properly sync the images.


If you have the money to spend on a gadget like this, and the patience to get it working properly, you'll be quite impressed. Again, this technology will work on many games available.

Here's what I recommend to start with, you folks with ATI cards:

  • Catalyst 3.5 Drivers
  • Refresh rate at 75Hz
  • 1024x768 in-game resolution

Fan Feedback

If anyone reading this would like a second opinion, here are some quotes from Ghost Recon fans, and reviews from other sites. Enjoy.

"Your review persuaded me to buy the glasses , and I'm grateful for that." malvarez

"Woowww I made them work. Really great effects." foxhound

"I have an ATI 9800Pro and the glasses work very good... The glasses are great. It's amazing the effect. It's really 3D, the bags go OUT off the monitor, and the guns too. Now, i can´t play a game without the glasses." Pierre30 (Portugal)

"I turned up the 3D all the way, OMG ahaha i was just looking at the Sniper for about 5min" whoa

"...these glasses definitely have a large potential cool factor. After tuning, the images are 3D . The bushes and other soldiers stand out and I wish I had more time to play." Ripple

"After going through about 20 different games, my feelings ... have not changed. Racing games look impressive, and flight simulator 2002 looked incredible. These glasses make PC games fun again and ... It takes a lot to impress me, and this product really did." From Techspot.

"I’d say if you want 3D, then these glasses are the best thing on the market, hands down"

"Ghost Recon comes alive with the eDimensional glasses. The characters become amazingly real, as if you could reach out and touch them, and the way their eyes actually blink and move around makes it even more spine tingling. This is a sight to see, no doubt. Out of all of the games that I tried with the 3D glasses, Ghost Recon was the most impressive." From Elited

"If you think Morrowind is realistic looking now, wait until you have seen it with the 3D glasses. It appears as if you could actually touch the roughness of the trees, run your hand through the cool water" From Elited

"I am truly amazed at not only the quality of the glasses, but the 3D virtual world they have created on my monitor. Gaming has never looked so good." From Elited

"I can honestly say that I've never seen anything like it; it's simply amazing" simracingworld

"The game is literally transformed" simracingworld

"I have never felt so immersed and "part" of the game that I've been playing before wearing these glasses" simracingworld

"I was instantly amazed" overclockersclub


Test System Platform:

  • OS 2000 Professional SP4
  • AMD Athlon 2.08GHz
  • 1024MB RAM
  • ATI RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB (Catalyst Version 3.5)

Ghost Recon Version 1.4 w/MP1 and MP2
Mods used:



eDimensional 3D glasses, and a selection of other gamer gadgets are available online at eDimensional.com.


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