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Combat Search And Rescue for GRAW 2
Added: 26/09/07 15:06:48
Description: Unzip the 4 maps and place them in your custom_levels folder. Maps include:

>>Attack on multiple axes
>>The long walk
>>The price of peace
>>Welcome to Juarez

Server name: Combat Search And Rescue Game Mode Test Server

Synopsis for GRAW 2 Custom Game Mode Combat Search And Rescue


The objective for both teams is to find the VIP before the opposing team. Centcom has intel on his last 16 known locations. Once you find him, help him make his way to the extraction point before the enemy can track him down and kill him. Be careful not to extract your CSAR team before the VIP. Either team can locate the VIP. Whichever team is successfull is considered the CSAR team.


There are four (4) initial spawn points. Ghosts will spawn at 1 of the 4 spawn points, chosen at random. Rebels will spawn at 1 of the remaining 3 spawn points, chosen at random.

Each team uses the same spawn point for the duration of the match.

Each player has unlimited respawns until the VIP is located. After that, each player is limited to only 1 death.

Once the VIP has been located, any player that is dead will respawn for the last time at their original spawn point.


The team that locates the VIP (CSAR team) earns 1 point.

If the VIP is safely extracted, the CSAR team earns 1 point.

If the VIP dies, the opposing team earns 2 points.

If the CSAR team is safely extracted after the VIP, the CSAR team earns 1 point.

If the CSAR team extracts after the VIP has been killed, the CSAR team earns 1 point.

If the CSAR team extracts before the VIP, the VIP is considered abandoned, and the opposing team earns 2 points, which will guarantee a win.

If the CSAR team is killed, the opposing teams earns 1 point.

No points are awarded for individual kills.

Due to this scoring system, the team that did not locate the VIP can still win.


Classes & kits are standard MP kits, similar to TDM.

Each CSAR map is made with 16 possible locations for the VIP. The location is chosen at random, but there is no waypoint marker, or any other indication, of the correct location.

There are 4 possible extraction points. Once the VIP has been located, the extraction point is chosen at random, and a waypoint marker will appear on your HUD. All players will see the waypoint marker.

Once located, the VIP will be visible to all players (a blue diamond on the HUD).

The VIP's path to the extraction point is not predetermined. The VIP will choose his own path depending on the resistance he encounters.

The VIP will not engage opposing team members, although he will seek cover when fired upon.

The opposing team cannot be extracted.

To locate the VIP, enter the areas noted on the minimap. Only 1 team member needs to enter the area. Once a player enters the correct area, the team counter will quickly count down from 5 (it takes about 2 seconds).

Once "located", the VIP will spawn in the location.

Only 1 member of the CSAR team needs to reach the extraction point to win.

Each match lasts only 1 round, since spawns and objectives are chosen at random, and kits are limited to the standard MP classes & kits. No side has an advantage over the other.

Additional Features:

The VIP is a US Marine from the SP campaign.

It is normal for the VIP to stop & seek cover. The csar_rules will re-order him to the extraction point if he is stationary for too long.

To compensate for his lack of self defense, his health has been raised to 100 points (from 4). Otherwise, it would be much too easy for the opposing team to kill him.

Once the VIP reaches the extraction point, he will be immediately "extracted" by disappearing. That way he won't just sit there waiting around to be killed. Would you?

Some people may wonder why both teams would want to find the VIP. In most games, one side has to protect the VIP while the other has to kill the VIP. Well, this game mode is Combat Search And Rescue. So, first of all, you don't know where the vip is (hence "search and rescue"). Second, there could be several motivations for capturing the VIP. Maybe he's a pilot that was shot down over enemy territory. One side may want to steal him away to safety, while the other may want to interrogate him. Either way, once in enemy hands, to you he's better off dead.

Remember, although it only takes one CSAR member to enter the extraction zone, don't do it before the VIP. He will be considered abandoned, and your team will lose.
Creator/Author: Cangaroo.TNT
Version: v1.04
File Size (MB): 38
Last Download: 21/09/21 20:17:29
Downloads: 2572
(6 Ratings) 
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Posted By JoJo Krok on 27/09/07 03:00:12

Thanks a lot for this. Gonna try it now. Have a nice day


Posted By Rocky on 28/09/07 07:39:07

Great gametype.

Posted By toy_soldier69 on 17/10/07 06:35:37

download link not taking you to download??????????????????????????

Posted By download on 23/10/07 15:09:00

Why is it not working?

Posted By Cangaroo.TNT on 24/10/07 06:23:17

The link has been fixed.

Posted By TAW_Johnsonn on 29/04/11 17:02:28

I cant get this doesnt work on a dedicated server.

 any ideas?


Posted By TAW_DirewolfFive on 01/12/11 15:38:39

Warning!!! If you run CSAR maps on a dedicated server it will reset the server to 32 slots!!

If you are renting a server with fewer slots, it WILL crash the server!

I put it on the TAW Co-Op server and when it switched the server to 32 slots, the billing computer disabled the game server and erased all files. It took 2 days to get it back up.

Posted By on 15/04/19 13:35:44

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