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Brettzies GRAW2 Weapon Pack
Added: 22/07/07 17:44:51
Description: 12 July 2010 New version v3.02 released

v3.02 Additions
·Fixed god mode in SP campaign to "off."
·Increased Sig552 secondary to have 5 mags in stead of 3

9 July 2010 New version v3.01 released
v3.01 Additions
This is a small fix for a bug that switched the mk14 with the Mrc in MP games on the client side.

v3.0 Additions
Several weeks ago, Radiator released his BlackHawkDown misison for Graw2 which was incompatible with my weapons pack. Since I love the BlackHawk story, tragic as it is, I wanted my weapons to work with it. Radiator also did some excellent work organizing sound xmls to make it easy for modders to not conflict with each other’s custom sounds and also allow for easy expandability. With those two things in mind, I spent about a week cleaning up my pack which resulted in v2.07. I’m never really happy just releasing fixes like that, especially if they require a lot of work. Fixing up the pack was satisfying but I really want to update it with something worth downloading and had forgotten how fun Graw2 can be to mod, time consuming, but fun.

After using the Mk14 EBR in Modern Warfare 2 and seeing several failed attempts to get one legitimately into this game, I decided to go ahead and attempt one myself. Previously I had not liked the design of this weapon, but over time have come to think it looks really cool. It did seem like a very appropriate weapon for the Ghosts, and was actually in the xbox360 version of the game. Modeling the bolt action was a little tricky, and I did attempt to use normal mapping with this one, which slowed my progress, but I’m fairly happy with the end results. Textures, as always could be improved, but that’s never been my strong point or interest with so much else to worry about getting it to a working game state.

Marcinko suggested adding a shortdot scope, which wasn’t difficult to model, but took some time getting all of the bitmap icons for the SP campaign done. It also required adding many more kits to MP/Coop since it can be attached to not just the Mk14, but several of my other weapons as well. In the end, I think it was a good suggestion and makes the mod that much more complete.

Though I’m not sure many people are still playing this game, I hope the few that are can get some enjoyment out of these efforts. I know I’ve had lots of fun making it and I have to say thanks to all the people who have downloaded and used it over the years. The interest and support of even a few people, especially the community at, really make it worthwhile and encouraging to complete projects like this.


Mk14 Mod 0 EBR

This is the new weapon system added to the mod.

·20 round mag
·semi auto and full auto fire modes
·custom tweaked sounds
·suppressor attachment
·tactical grip
·multiple scope attachments

Shortdot CQB Scope

·new scope seen above available on most of my weapons

Multiplayer Kits

·added multiple sniper kits to all modes except RvA
·added multiple assault kits to all modes except RvA
·added multiple rifleman kits to all modes except RvA
·added multiple aimpoint support kits to all modes except RvA
·added one recon Mk14 kit to RvA

·adjusted m4shotgun, l85a2, and sig552 anim sets to be “less” glitchy looking
·changed bullet texture to be Graw2 style instead of shiny Graw1 style
·made sig552 use m4 scope attachments to free up MP attachment slots

·acu Patch - acu style uniforms for the ghosts (OTS version included)
·ots Patch - provides 3rd person perspective
·bhd Patch - compatible with Radiator's BlackHawkDown mission

22 May 2010
As usual, this "addition" took much longer then expected and was pretty much unplanned in the first place. For some reason, adding this one weapon and scope took quite a bit of time. I did have a list of small fixes and changes that I made to the overall mod as well. The download is rather big because it includes both bundled and unbundled versions in it. I recommend trying the bundled one first as it is faster to load and easier to use with the patches provided. Instead of making a whole mod for OTS, I just included a small patch which can be applied to achieve the same result. I also included the ACU camo patch and BHD patch for Radiator's mission, since all the patches are relatively small.

Possible Solutions if the mod doesn't run:
1. if you have a local/english dir, try renaming or deleting it. (strange but sometimes works)

2. try the un-bundled version (usually works for people with issues)

3. if you're on vista, there's a method to delete xmb(complied game) files, which can cause problems:

>>> To clean out XMB files in Vista, go to your user folder, into
>>> AppData/Local/GRAW2 and kill all XMB files except those in the
>>> "settings" folder. Then it will recompile with whatever mod you are
>>> using.
>>> It usually works.
>>> Remember that to stop using the mod you may need to to the same
>>> thing again.

Creator/Author: Brettzies
Version: 3.02
Screenshot: Screenshot
Movie Format: Teaser Movie
File Size (MB): 220.4
Discussion Link: Public Release Thread
Last Download: 27/01/23 23:31:29
Downloads: 37673
(230 Ratings) 
Tags: m4, mk.23, m4a1, m16a4,
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Posted By Posted By on 17/10/10 16:46:55

Very nice Weaponpack, good job. For the next update my request would be some more secondary wepons (UMP 45, P90, MP7, MP9 or even a M468 as secondary).

Posted By aguila*negra on 15/11/10 00:23:07

hey whre or how to use this where i have to put and how works


Posted By ColTrigger on 20/11/10 14:24:12

Crash in application version: 29980.2562Animation load error \data\anims\ghost\upper_body\m1014\upright\m1014_firemode_increase.dieselRenderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

Since 3 days I'm trying to fix this, I  tried every possible Solution you wrote up there.Please help me with that.

Posted By Woods on 22/11/10 03:43:55

patch your game.....maybe this helps......

Posted By Ellen on 07/12/10 18:37:22

Hi, great mod :) my partner downloaded this the other night and has been doing his head in on how to get it to work on a dedicated server. here are the steps he took: go to the folder it is installed in find context-standalone.xml edit and add below the script base entry Save file Run and start dedicated server hope this helps :)

Posted By Millhaus on 26/12/10 07:46:55

I got this crash with the bulletweapon-thing too...No matter if i have 1.04 or 1.05?I have 1.05 and tried bundled and unbundled versions, me (the hoster) are not crashing, but when the joiner is taking L85A2, he will crash...any ideas?

Posted By Mix it on 31/12/10 06:12:52

First big thanks for this awesome mod, I can't imagine my GRAW without it anymore.

My question:

Would it be possible to combine this mod with Magpul Masada mod(love the 1911 - '45)?

Posted By Recone335 on 15/01/11 13:19:18

Fantastic mod, it is really a way of making this game more fun then it is right now.

One little question, could you plz make some optics for the M240, because you did it with the Mk46, and the ironsights of the M240 pretty suck :)

Posted By Blame* on 26/02/11 14:30:25

When I tried to choose a mod weapon kit, the game just crashes, for example rifleman , i click next next next and next, when i get to mod weapons , game just crashes

Posted By SEAL TEAM SIX on 27/02/11 11:26:41

Crash in application version: 29980.2562

Animation load error \data\anims\ghost\upper_body\m1014\upright\m1014_firemode_increase.diesel

Renderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

 Anyone else been having this problem, or know how to fix it? I have been having this problem with both this mod and Rahnman's Weapon mod, and would really like to use eithe of them. 

Posted By T on 12/03/11 23:48:43

I'm getting the same crash error


Posted By spartanRS on 13/03/11 03:29:45

I am a member of Brothers in Honour and I hope they gona create server bretzes_3.02. Mod is OK but with some problems. If anyone knows, how to costumise uniforms(amblems), pleace contact me on facebook:Piperin Milos. I realy love this game and have great respect for people which are creating maps, mods and other stuff....thankyou for everyting !!!!!!!!

Posted By nooby on 19/04/11 18:45:00

How do you install it? please reply

Posted By Mille_RS on 27/04/11 21:07:08

AK-47 or Zastava M-70AB2 in next version plz....... I would like to see that in your mod......

Posted By King on 05/06/11 05:48:44

Seems nice, but this mod doesn't work on me Cry

I unziped the files as the readme said. But the only thing changed in the game is the menu background image, I can't find any new weapons in game. How can I slove this? I really like to try this mod, please help!BTW, my GRAW2 were install through Steam, could it be the cause of the problem?

Posted By King on 05/06/11 09:03:33

Never mind, problem fixed by installing the unbundled one. And this mod is so freaking awesome! Thanks!

Posted By asd on 12/07/11 03:59:15

Crash in application version: 29980.2562Animation load error \data\anims\ghost\upper_body\m1014\upright\m1014_firemode_increase.dieselRenderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

can anyone fix this please

Posted By on 10/08/11 03:57:22

Por que no:)

Posted By BUMER5 on 12/08/11 15:43:40

RUSHA VODKA BUMER 5 CRASH The application has crashed and was unable to create a log file. Please check your file access permissions.

Posted By TENGKORAK on 17/08/11 12:16:00


Posted By Nathan on 11/12/11 13:39:59

Hi i added this as you said however when i launch a lan campaign mission (not tried the others) it crashes. Have you any ideas.

Much appriceated Thanks

Posted By gunboy6996 on 16/12/11 02:06:33

What don't you make a Barrett M82A1 ? I like that Sniper Rifles very much

Posted By dani on 25/12/11 23:12:19

it will change language into english because i have problem with polish language

Posted By backshooter on 11/02/12 13:41:39

I can confirm that the bundled version CTDs on my pc (same errors as cited by others here), un-bundled version works great. Thanks for providing that option.I forgot how much the stock weapons suck in comparison, until I had a hdd crash and had to reinstall to new drive.

Posted By AK fan on 01/04/12 15:38:29

The ots patch is included in this also (brettzies 3rd person is included you just have to manually patch it) The non bundled version works the best for me... I just wished that ak series guns were in this perhaps we can have ak 47 ak 74 ak 105 aek etc... in the future?

Posted By Cobrabase on 20/04/12 21:23:31

Bret... it's awesome.  The last time I played your work was a few years ago.   Now I have 5.1 surround sound I'm having a problem.  The weapon in my hand during the action has no sound....  bullet strikes, grenade blasts all ring true but no hand held weapon sound. Environmental sounds all work.


I have configured the game for EAX and set my speakers for 5.1 surround in windows 7.  


I need some help here man.  Thanks. 



Posted By cobrabase on 20/04/12 21:29:24

Dude.... I got it.... I'm a dumbass.


Thanks again for the great work!!!

Posted By anonymous on 16/05/12 05:39:21

hey guys, seems like everyone is having the same problem as i do: Crash in application version: 29980.2562 Animation load error \data\anims\ghost\upper_body\m1014\upright\m1014_firemode_increase.diesel Renderer: threadedPhysics : threaded please post a fix for this, i dunno how to patch the game to 1.5. by the way wat elements are the 3.2 some thing?

Posted By troll unit on 16/05/12 05:43:50

Crash in application version: 29980.2562 Animation load error \data\anims\ghost\upper_body\m1014\upright\m1014_firemode_increase.diesel Renderer: threadedPhysics : threaded seems like a lot was having problems like this, how to fix this error anyway? i tried the un-bundled pack still got the error, i already got it unpacked and copied and still got the error, please help us...

Posted By anon on 13/06/12 15:45:29

I have updated the game to 1,04 and updated all the necessary drivers and stuff. After launching the game, by double clicking the .bat file, the cmd starts up, and then the screen goes black(like a laoding screen), and then i get this message: Crash in application version: 29980.2562Animation load error \data\anims\ghost\upper_body\m1014\upright\m1014_firemode_increase.dieselRenderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

Posted By Blame on 05/07/12 10:45:32

You need to update your game to 1.05

Posted By stumper on 27/03/16 11:52:20

Guys the mod is awesome but i really wonder and i can alot appreciate, if someone explain me me how to change the uniform of the ghost team to be like that one on the Us marine support squad. During that great mod of the not less more great creator of him, in the game. Congrats for your amazing works Brettzies you are the , happiness maker brother !!!

Posted By on 20/12/18 10:07:31

q4MCEF You created a variety of nice factors there. I did a lookup within the theme and located almost all people will agree with your web site.

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