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GRAW 2 Patch v1.00 - v1.02
Added: 16/07/07 12:38:28
Description: ** This is a cumulative patch. You do not need to install any previous patches. If there is a later patch, you do not need to install this patch.

** GRAW 2 Auto updates when you attempt to go online. You should use the auto updater rather than this download where possible.

** Patching deletes quick saves from the campign.

** Patch contents can be viewed below and also in the patch_history.txt file in your GRAW 2 install folder

Changes and fixes in v 1.02

- Fixed some issues with server listing


Changes and fixes in v 1.01

-Speedhacking antimeasure added.

-Fixed bugs and occasional crashes.

-Added server sorting to the server tab.

-Added favorites to the server tab.

-Fixed coop order commands if the server died and client became leader.

-Fixed "Unnamed" Loyalists for clients in coop.

-Fixed friendly markers for clients in coop

-Fixed some gui alignment bugs

-Fix for crouch leaning.

-Fixed some Saving / Loading bugs.

-Fixed some scoring issues in Multiplayer.

-Interface fixes.

Creator/Author: GRIN
Version: v1.02
File Size (MB): 13.8
Last Download: 29/11/22 05:06:36
Downloads: 13106
(31 Ratings) 
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Posted By error message on 19/07/07 19:36:39

when i try to install patch i get an error message "this game is not on computer" help!

Posted By Rocky on 20/07/07 19:59:15

Make sure you uninstall the demo first then install the retail full game, then patch.

Posted By Yolando Parada on 22/07/07 14:18:44

Wen aporte mano

Posted By great on 23/07/07 16:47:46

works great

Posted By jeger on 05/08/07 08:52:05

Thx man

Posted By V-Gun on 08/08/07 14:14:13

I also had the "this game is not on computer" error message, after i had uninstalled the graw2demo... make sure you uninstall both the graw2 demo and the graw2 full version, then install graw2 full version and the patch will work then. It has to be in this order.

Posted By Brunol on 10/08/07 18:29:53


 I am having a major problem with GRAW 2! I have updated my drivers to 168.18 and the GRAW2 patch 1.00-1.02. I have a problem in the campaign part. Act1, when i launch a new campaign, I get no graphics, just brown boxes, and oval for my scope, brown background and helo blades in the air. I have no idea why this is. I just bought the game yesterday. Here are my specs. Help please.


Windows Vista 32bit SP1

ASUS 8800GTX 768mb (Drivers Updated)

AMD Athlon FX-60 Duel Core 2.6Ghz

3GB XR Duel Channel DDR400 RAM

Posted By the wolf on 20/08/07 19:24:42

vista has this issue, mainly with nvidia, but with other gfx cards as well.  it has nothing to do with the patch, and no driver fixes.  you have to(in this order) 1 start a game, 2 set your video option to what you want, and apply. 3 set the resolution to any resolution other than the one that is current, then apply. 4 after the resolution changes to the one specified, the game should run normally.  after that, simply reset your resolution to the desired state, and it should work perfectly. 

Posted By Dark* on 07/10/07 22:07:19

hmm... i purchased this game today and i am getting this error while the game is starting to load...

Crash in application version: 0.2562

[Application::setup_scenes] Failed loading scene config file!

Renderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

Posted By earthliing on 02/02/08 20:55:42

the game ver sion is higher than the one you are trying to install.......... what does this mean

Posted By ewan on 03/02/08 08:58:20

sira ulo kayong lahat


Posted By anonymuss on 18/04/08 08:57:11


Posted By Johan on 14/06/08 15:03:41

Hey Hey i also have a major problem i get this mesage after playing the game for a while please help me ASAP  >>>Crash in application version: 29980.2562

Vertex buffer Lock returned null pointer. Out of memory?

Renderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

Posted By Johan on 14/06/08 15:04:11

Sat Jun 14 16:28:57 2008

Crash in application version: 29980.2562

Unhandled exception - access violation


C STACK:                        graw2   (???) : ???

Renderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

Posted By Johan on 14/06/08 15:04:32

Sat Jun 14 17:22:13 2008

Crash in application version: 29980.2562

Could not load geometry because IDirect3D9::CreateVertexBuffer failed.This device does not support the queried technique.

Renderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

Posted By Vitor on 25/06/08 01:23:10

Hi Johan, just install the Ageia PhysX Software and your problem goes disappear. Now I dont have link here but you find in google easily. Good luck.

 PS: Sorry for my english. Im brazilian.

Posted By Keeed on 15/08/08 21:43:48

Graw 2 Error !


Every time i patch the 1.02 i get error and i cant understand because its different language..

its like spanish..

it says: AVISO: va a comenzar la instalacion del parche. Se elminaran todos los datos guardados excepto las misines desbloquedas.

 when i press yes i get error:

La instalacion del juego esta danda. Vuelve a instaler el juego..


Please Help

Posted By HP23 on 27/02/10 15:48:18

I am getting the same problem as u Keeed, i've gone to the gamestop store, contacted gamestop support, contacted ubisoft support, and they have all referred me to email i'm waiting on a reply. i have a legit copy as well and have the cd key and a letter and receipt from gamestop to prove it. and the error message basically says that the installation is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled even tho reinstalling hasn't worked as i've done that 4 times and have the same problem every time. i'll be posting again once i get a response from trimedia if anyone else has had this problem and fixed it your help would be appreciated

Posted By GOLF on 04/03/10 03:12:54

Crash in application version: 29980.2562

Direct3D - Unknown capability violation exception.

Renderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

Posted By jj on 23/04/10 07:26:25

i am having a problem when i start to patch the game it say's that it cant ditermine the language file and to reinstall the game and i did but the same problem comes up please i need help

Posted By ROFLCOPTER on 21/07/10 10:21:43

OMFG I am trying to install but it says ''%u0130nstallation Corrupted''. I have downloaded this file succesfully before. My system is enough to play this shitty game. What should I do?

Note: Zotac Geforce 9500GT, Intel Dual CPU 2.0 GHz, 1 GB RAM, DirecTX 9. I KNOW IT SUCKS SO DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUTT IT.

Posted By Brooze on 04/01/11 08:02:05

Ha ha Roflcopter... My system sucks more then that with Intel C2 Duo 2Ghz, 512Mb ram, DX9, Intel 500mb Gfx card...

Posted By recon on 27/12/11 06:31:11

please help me. I'm stuck ini Act 1. I can't move to Act 2. please help me.

Posted By Game too old for patch on 31/05/15 15:47:53

A friend of mine just bought this game (Advanced Warfighter 2) for the first time and when he tries to install even this first patch, it tells him his version of the game is too old for the patch. This makes no sense to us. Any thoughts?

Posted By Re: Game too old for patch on 16/06/15 15:16:06

Never mind. Problem solved.

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