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Brettzies Weapons Mod
Added: 23/03/07 17:56:04
Description: Please check the readme file for previous version notes

v6.0 Additions

This is taken from my Graw2 version of the mod, some notes may not apply to Graw1.

Several weeks ago, Radiator released his BlackHawkDown misison for Graw2 which was incompatible with my weapons pack. Since I love the BlackHawk story, tragic as it is, I wanted my weapons to work with it. Radiator also did some excellent work organizing sound xmls to make it easy for modders to not conflict with each other’s custom sounds and also allow for easy expandability. With those two things in mind, I spent about a week cleaning up my pack which resulted in v2.07. I’m never really happy just releasing fixes like that, especially if they require a lot of work. Fixing up the pack was satisfying but I really want to update it with something worth downloading and had forgotten how fun Graw2 can be to mod, time consuming, but fun.

After using the Mk14 EBR in Modern Warfare 2 and seeing several failed attempts to get one legitimately into this game, I decided to go ahead and attempt one myself. Previously I had not liked the design of this weapon, but over time have come to think it looks really cool. It did seem like a very appropriate weapon for the Ghosts, and was actually in the xbox360 version of the game. Modeling the bolt action was a little tricky, and I did attempt to use normal mapping with this one, which slowed my progress, but I’m fairly happy with the end results. Textures, as always could be improved, but that’s never been my strong point or interest with so much else to worry about getting it to a working game state.

Marcinko suggested adding a shortdot scope, which wasn’t difficult to model, but took some time getting all of the bitmap icons for the SP campaign done. It also required adding many more kits to MP/Coop since it can be attached to not just the Mk14, but several of my other weapons as well. In the end, I think it was a good suggestion and makes the mod that much more complete.

Though I’m not sure many people are still playing this game, I hope the few that are can get some enjoyment out of these efforts. I know I’ve had lots of fun making it and I have to say thanks to all the people who have downloaded and used it over the years. The interest and support of even a few people, especially the community at, really make it worthwhile and encouraging to complete projects like this.


Mk14 Mod 0 EBR
This is the new weapon system added to the mod.

·20 round mag
·semi auto and full auto fire modes
·custom tweaked sounds
·suppressor attachment
·tactical grip
·multiple scope attachments

Shortdot CQB Scope
·new scope seen above available on most of my weapons

Swappable Headgear
·added all headgear to each ghost for xml switching
·see instructions in readme to use

·adjusted m4shotgun, l85a2, and sig552 anim sets to be “less” glitchy looking
·made sig552 use m4 scope attachments to free up MP attachment slots

Reporting crashes or issues:
If you have any problems using this mod then please use the Discussion link below which will redirect you to the release thread in the Ghost forums.

You will be able to post any issues or questions there, this will help the author to respond to your problem more efficiently.
Creator/Author: Brettzies aka Splindicator aka the.real.brett aka .brett
Version: v6.0
Screenshot: Screenshot
File Size (MB): 86.1
Discussion Link: Public Release Thread
Last Download: 26/03/23 09:23:29
Downloads: 20293
(147 Ratings) 
Tags: m4, m4a1, mk12, spr, ACOG, MR-C, Scar
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Posted By Amilcar on 04/05/07 17:20:06

Thank you for doing such good mods, really keep on going. People in ubisoft should contract people like you...

Posted By Steveb on 07/05/07 20:05:48

Fan-flamin-tastic mate!

Posted By son4r on 08/05/07 17:45:12

first i love m4 !!!!!!

and then for graw !!!! fantastic

ok. i followed your instructions .....

BuT  when i start a mp game the game says: "your game files do not match with the servers"

please help me!!...........because i heard the sound of the m4 i want more !! 

Posted By oo doubletap on 11/05/07 05:29:54

Absolutely superb!! The whole package is just amazing. THANKS brett!!

Posted By Bippy on 06/06/07 11:52:35

EXELENT one bit of constructive critacism here it looks very clean i mean compared to the ghosts

Posted By Killer_nl on 23/06/07 19:39:12

Great yob man, thanks.

You realy shoot go 2 ubi-soft ;)

1 question, can you make a scope white zoom ?

anyway thanks and yes they are playable in mp.

grtzz Killer_nl 

Posted By SCE_Razor on 21/07/07 20:51:02

AWESOME, Awesome, damn fine mod.  Thanks Brettzies, nicely done. 

Posted By Quickly on 15/09/07 03:22:49

Great mod. Thank you

Posted By on 28/09/07 06:38:36

My installation doesnt have a english folder.  I see other languages but not english.  what do i do?


Posted By Predator on 30/12/07 15:32:10

How the Holy cow are you supposed to get this in game?



Posted By josh on 21/01/08 04:29:29

yeah it looks great but i dont have an english folder but i followed your instuctions just to put it in local but it didnt work

plz help me

Posted By hax on 15/02/08 08:57:07

same here i dont have an english folder either.

Posted By Joriko on 16/02/08 15:36:40

100% Kick-Ass Work.

Posted By Jazzer on 08/03/08 09:49:32

Awesome, thanks.

Posted By m16 ironsights on 19/03/08 13:53:19

Posted By me on 18/05/08 03:28:41

where can i get 3.0 - can´t find it...

Posted By Huntman on 25/05/08 11:48:03

read instruction not sure how to install this can you help me?


Posted By ICEMAN on 05/07/08 22:17:07

 I have a m4 mod already installed and I dont no how to uninstall it if i install this mod will it mess up game or overwrite m4 mod or what???

Posted By FunkyMan on 12/08/08 04:21:03

Will this mod work with other servers/players that don´t have the mod?

Posted By Kravolse on 17/12/08 20:04:22

I always wondered why there were no M4 and M16 in Ghost Recon anymore but with your mod everything is settled anyway much thanks

@Joriko :100% Kick-Ass Work ... agreed with that^^

Posted By Icke on 11/01/09 18:22:10

Yes great !!!!

Posted By G1shooter on 02/02/09 13:17:14

Brettzie, could you please make a mod with a Thompson M1921, and an Uzi?


Posted By G1shooter on 02/02/09 20:51:20

Awsome mod!!! 5/5 for sure! please make more! i love the m16!!!

Posted By graw-man on 09/02/09 17:42:36

holy mother jesus.. this is greatest weapon mods i have ever seen. i really love GRAW. but one thing made me not satisfied was that the number of weapons of GRAW were very little. but now thanks to you, GRAW again started kicking my ass!!! thank you! i hope you will continue to make more weapon mod!

Posted By TWCRASH on 19/04/09 07:46:42

Great mod definitely a MUST have for GRAW players

Posted By Scorpion on 25/04/09 05:12:40

Great Problem

Hallo Brettzie,

 When i Try to Start an Cooperative Game as Client then the Game Crashes with this error message

 Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35

data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecooperative.dsf(-1): cant find member: clear in type <GroupUnit>


Without the mod the Game functioning without any Problem.


Please Look at Your Code for the CLIENTSIDE an Help


Posted By firescorpio on 11/07/09 15:24:42

please tell how to fix the missing english folder problem plzzCryCryCryCry

Posted By me on 19/07/09 06:38:44

Just add an english folder !!!Jeez................

Posted By nick on 26/07/09 21:41:01

hey i did everything right and it shows intro but when i load the level when its finished loading it say error and lots of letters numbers and others stuff

Posted By nick on 26/07/09 21:41:25

ps i need help plz i love this game if any1 has help plz

Posted By nick on 26/07/09 21:57:56

hey this is what is saysdata\lib\units\types\beings\mods_human\playeronfoot.dsf(-1): cant find member: set_callback_object in type <void>


 data\lib\units\types\beings\human.dsf(0) data\lib\units\types\beings\human.dsf(0) data\lib\units\types\beings\human.dsf(0) data\lib\utils\dev\editor\worldholder.dsf(0) data\lib\utils\dev\editor\worldholder.dsf(0) data\lib\utils\dev\editor\worldholder.dsf(0) data\levels\mission02\mission02.dsf(0)

Posted By nick on 28/07/09 00:01:12

nvm i think i figured it out i needed to update to v1.30

Posted By rico686 on 07/08/09 17:19:39

Great mod but it tends to crash every time players join the game who don't use the mod. Damn shame because the mod works perfect and the guns are exactly what I was looking for in a game. Does anyone have a solution to that problem?

Posted By Beckett on 10/08/09 08:45:53

Fantastic mod that effectively doubles the amount of weapons available.  We have not had any problems with it.  The addition of long range scopes for assault rifles is invaluable.

Posted By rico686 on 14/08/09 14:08:21

I can use the mod on servers that have the anti-cheat disabled, but no-one seems to be able to enter my server whenever I am playing. Whenever I am playing on other servers with only 1 or 2 players, there is no problem, but as soon as more players enter the server the game crashes instandly. Can anyone tell me why no-one is able to enter my server? I don't use any internet security shit or anything like that. So any comment on this is welcome.

Posted By China Player on 30/08/09 08:46:11

Have completed all task of the game!I love this game very much!

Posted By Roadhog0001 on 22/12/09 15:36:53

I've installed the mod like the instructions say.  When I double click on the .batch file, to start the game with the mod, It acts like its about to begin loading, but nothing happens.  Whats wrong with this?

Posted By Fang1000 on 23/12/09 17:27:12

Got the mod to work, but for some reason, it won't work with CoOp.  The hosts server will load up fine, but when someone tries to join (both parties using the mod) their end crashes.  Any idea how to fix this?

Posted By anon on 04/01/10 07:46:30

that cant be the real thing in the screenshot my graw game looks nothing like that well i guess its cos i have a bad pc. great mod anyway you should email ubisoft and ask for a job.

Posted By gregore on 31/01/10 12:22:40

hi got a problem whwn i instal game and patch 1.35 and run .bat it just flash and nothing happends

Posted By sft10 on 21/04/10 10:48:11

hey i installed the mod and ghosts now have all the sounds and camo but i cant get the weapons.

Posted By F1R35T( )RM on 21/07/10 00:26:39

I love this mod so much I burned it onto a CD so I have it whenever I need to reinstall my system or if I ever replace my PC!!!

Excellent work Brettzie, really top notch job!

On a side issue, does anyone (specially you Brettzie) know how to add/edit the player camo skins? I used to play (years and years ago) "Rainbow 6: Rogue Spear" and really enjoyed the flexibility of camo and weapon options...

Posted By WilkVMI08 on 13/08/10 08:28:08

Great Job! Keep it up. While many others have moved on, I still think this is one of the best shooters out there (particularly with your mods!) GRAW2 might have slightly better graphics, but it can't beat GRAW for gameplay.

Posted By gregore on 13/08/10 17:17:17

hi its ,e again, got still that same proble. after installation a nd patching to 1.35 when i run te .bat it just blinks the cmd line and nothing else happends PLEASE help me.i even try that language tric thing

Posted By Jason on 27/08/10 16:50:41

hey, I just installed this mod.. but the texture has an error I think..

suppressor, combat sight, etc looks like if its missing its textures.. you know, like a rainbow color..

well, it makes me feel like if I am playing with a toy gun or something :P

 but what should I do to fix this..?

Posted By HYBR!D on 13/10/10 14:00:25

Yeah Brother..again Nice JOB I'll fig out how to install later just DL'd.

When I was starting =DEO= we ran ver5 and man! the M4 mods alone made a crappy game palyable...HUA! come to LA Ill buy the guinness!

Posted By sash on 22/10/10 08:08:32

great thing..can you include the masadas from snowfella in your 6.0 and 3.02 packs.PLEASE

Posted By Grawitation on 08/11/10 09:08:09

Just wow and thanks!!!

Posted By Hades on 11/11/10 04:25:10

Hey, sorry, on my "story"I need to know what files to replace.... Sorry, I didnt find the instructions...... Thanks by the way.

Posted By EimiX on 12/01/11 13:31:55

Hi, I have the same problem just like gregore's and I don't know wat to do. Plz help me !!!

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