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BlakOps: US Vehicle Pack
Added: 04/09/05 16:06:30
Description: BlakOps: US Vehicle Pack




v1.0 Released: 19 May 2005


This Mod is designed to add to the palette of GR scripters by giving a wide range of US Vehicles to be used/encountered/targets etc. The idea is that they can be used by the Community in there own Mods with a minimum of heartache and fuss.

Unless specified later, each of these Vehicles are my work and while I reserve the Authorship rights for myself, I officially declare that ANYONE may use these models/textures WITHOUT having to get prior-permission from me. Only two provisos on this:

1) I receive Credit for there usage
2) The Models are not altered, modified etc without my permission.

The Textures that come with these models are basic, and you may freely change/modify etc to/from them - In fact I urge anyone using these Models to make their own unique Skins (through Camouflage etc via PaintShop etc) so that they can have "unique" versions for each Mod. The Skins/Texture with this Mod is basic on purpose!

Obviously, it would be appreciated if you do release a Mod with my vehicle in, to let me know so I can d/load it and enjoy it! 

In the Mod is a mission (“US vehicles”), where all of the Vehicles are demonstrated. It is SP and Co-Op playable. Note : when there is no external difference only one Model is shown

Below is list of the 37 Vehicles included in this specific Mod. Notes about these Vehicles Models are after:

M35a2 Truck - Basic
M35a2 Truck - Cargo
M35a2 Truck - Uncovered
M35a2 Truck - Uncovered, with Shotgun seats
Hummer – Basic
Hummer - Cargo
Hummer - 1 Shotgun seat
Hummer - Basic, 6 man
Hummer - Armed, AutoGL
Hummer - Armed, HMG
Hummer - Armed, Minigun
Hummer - Armed, TOW
M113 - A1 version
M113 - A3 version
M901 - I-TOW carrier
LAV-150 - ST version
LAV-25 AntiTank
LAV-25 Command
'Stryker' ICV - with HMG
'Stryker' ICV - with Auto GL
'Stryker' ICV - with anti-RPG 'fence' armour
M2 ‘Bradley’ - A1 version
M2 ‘Bradley’ - A2 version
M2 ‘Bradley’ - A2 with TOW Launcher erected
M2 ‘Bradley’ - A2, "Linebacker" variant
M2 ‘Bradley’ - A2, F.I.S.T variant
M2 ‘Bradley’ - A2, with working Ramp
M48A5 Tank
M60A3 ‘Patton’ MBT
M1A1 'Abrams' MBT
M1A2 'Abrams' MBT
M109 A5 ‘Paladin’ SPA
AH-1Z 'Cobra'
CH-47D 'Chinook'
CH-47D 'Chinook', with working ramp
UH-60L 'BlackHawk', with working sliding doors

Key: NA=Actor folder name / Model folder name / Texture Folder name
Note: You will need to put these files into the appropriate folders in your Mod

MT = Model Type, W=Wheeled, T=Tracked, H=Helicopter
Note: Wheeled vehicles can be destroyed with small arms/grenades etc
Tracked Vehicles will need a direct hit from a AT weapon

POL = Poly’s in Model (lower the better, 5000+ is large for GR)
Don’t have too many large Models on same Map if lots of actors as well – 4-6 vehicles and 100+ actors is a good base line to start from.

PASS = Driver + Passengers numbers (and type)
Note: Unless specified, the passengers are carried inside the vehicle

WEP = Weapons used by Vehicle, Anti-personnel / Anti-Tank
Note: See Equipment folder for my own, * = in Orig GR

INFO=Further information about vehicle.
Note : Several Vehicles have common info/problems, and this will appear in Green before the first Vehicle that is effected.

PROBLEM=any problem/quirk still with Model at release

Drivers: All vehicles have a Seat0 for a Driver however the Tracked Vehicles (APC, Tanks) and Heli Vehicles DO NOT require an actor to be positioned here for the Vehicle to move. It is included for ‘completeness’ so you may put a “Crewmember” in the Vehicle.

Textures: I have indicated the main texture used for this model, other textures used on the models are in the “Origmiss” GR folder.
To use the Helicopters in this Pack, you should have “MP2” (Island Thunder) activated also, as I have used the BlackHawk textures in some locations.

Weapons: To reduce the size of your Mod you could replace my weapons I have used (found in the Equipment Folder of this Mod) with equivalent ones from the Orig GR file’s. If done, this means the appropriate Texture and Model files would also not be needed (see the .gun files for this info)
BlakOps Version = Equivalent orig_GR Version

vulcanmg.gun = 50calMG.gun
mk19gl.gun = 40mmGLgrenade.prj
(or AutoGL.gun from IT)
tow.prj = missile.prj
25mmshell.prj = shell.prj
120mmshell.prj = shell.prj

However, the reason I have made my own is due to the technical differences from the orig_GR versions (bigger blast radius, different model etc), so I do suggest you stick with my versions if you have the space. 

M35a2 Notes: All have windows in the Cab will shatter if shot.

M35a2, Basic
NA= m35a.vcl / m35a.pob / *
MT=W, POL=1130, PASS=1+13, WEP=nil.
INFO= Basic M35a2 Truck. Driver and 1 Pass (no1) in cab, 12 passengers in body.

M35a2, Cargo carrier
NA= m35a cargo.vcl / m35a_cargo.pob / *
MT=W, POL=1063, PASS=1+1, WEP=nil.
INFO= Driver and 1 Pass in cab.

M35a2, uncovered
NA= m35a uncov.vcl / m35a_uncovered.pob / *
MT=W, POL=1123, PASS=1+13, WEP=nil.
INFO= Basic truck without the Cover and has slat sides on body now. Driver and 1 Pass (no1) in cab, 12 passengers in body, exposed.

M35a2, uncovered-shotgun seats
NA= m35a_uncov_shot.vcl / m35a_uncovered_shotgun.pob / *
MT=W, POL=XXX, PASS=1+13, WEP=nil.
INFO= Basic truck without the Cover and has slat sides on body now. Driver and 1 Pass (no1) in cab. All 12 Passengers in body are shotgun seats, allowing them to track/fire at targets. AI Actors will be in kneeling position, while Players may kneel or stand.

Hummer Note: All Hummers have Armoured windscreens., which will not shatter.

Hummer, Basic
NA= hummer basic.vcl / hummer basic.pob / humvee.rsb
MT=W, POL=936, PASS=1+3, WEP=nil.
INFO= Standard M1043 (up-armoured) Hummer. All windows are Armoured.

Hummer, 1 Shotgun
NA= hummer 1shot.vcl / hummer 1shotgun.pob / humvee.rsb
MT=W, POL=950, PASS=1+5, WEP=nil.
INFO= Standard M1025 (un-armoured) Hummer. The roof has an open Hatch, with a Shotgun seat (no1) under it – note that only a Player will be able to use the roof hatch to shot from when stood up, AI actors will be kneeling inside the Hummer, and not be able to fire (until windows are shattered). Side windows will shatter if shot.

Hummer, Basic full Squad
NA= hummer basic 6man.vcl / hummer basic 6man.pob / humvee.rsb
MT=W, POL=984, PASS=1+5, WEP=nil.
INFO= Standard M1025 (un-armoured) Hummer. Side windows will shatter if shot.
PROBLEMS= Sat 3 in front and 3 in rear of this vehicle is a little cramped.

Hummer, Cargo
NA= hummer cargo.vcl / hummer cargo.pob / humvee.rsb
MT=W, POL=800, PASS=1+1, WEP=nil.
INFO= Standard M998 Cargo carrier version (up-armoured)

Armed Hummer Notes: Has a standard US Infantryman as a gunner on the weapon, and the whole (Gunner and weapon) will move as a Turret.
Armed Hummer Problems: Wheels will not turn when it moves, Gunner cannot be killed, and will not fall-over if Vehicle is destroyed. However the Smoke should cover him when the Hummer is destroyed.

Hummer, Armed, Mk19 Auto GL
NA= hummer_apc autogl.vcl / hummer_apc autogl.pob / humvee.rsb, mk19gl.rsb
MT=T, POL=2730, PASS=1+3, WEP= mk19gl.gun/ nil.
INFO= Standard M1043 (up-armoured) Armament Carrier Hummer.

Hummer, Armed, M2 HMG
NA= hummer_apc hmg.vcl / hummer_apc hmg.pob / humvee.rsb
MT=T, POL=2758, PASS=1+3, WEP= 50calmg.gun*/ nil.
INFO= Standard M1043 (up-armoured) Armament Carrier Hummer.

Hummer, Armed, Minigun
NA= hummer_apc mini.vcl / hummer_apc mini.pob / humvee.rsb, FTG-Vulcan.rsb
MT=T, POL=3932, PASS=1+3, WEP= vulcanmg.gun / nil.
INFO= Standard M1043 (up-armoured) Armament Carrier Hummer.

Hummer, Armed, TOW
NA= hummer_apc tow.vcl / hummer_apc tow.pob / humvee.rsb, tow.rsb
MT=T, POL=XXX, PASS=1+3, WEP=nil / tow.prj.
INFO= Standard M1043 (up-armoured) Armament Carrier Hummer.

M113, A1
NA= m113.vcl / m113.pob / m113.rsb
MT=T, POL=1412, PASS=1+12, WEP= 50calmg.gun* / nil.
INFO= Working Ramp at rear. 2nd Line APC

M113, A3
NA= m113a3.vcl / m113a3.pob / m113.rsb
MT=T, POL=1588, PASS=1+12, WEP= 50calmg.gun* / nil.
INFO= Working Ramp at rear. 2nd Line APC

M901, I-TOW Carrier
NA= m901itv.vcl / m901itv.pob / m113.rsb
MT=T, POL=?, PASS=1+X, WEP=nil / tow.prj.
INFO= Working Ramp at rear. 2nd Line A-T APC
PROBLEMS= I accidentally over-wrote the model, so I cannot give a accurate Poly count, but it’s around 1800.

All LAV’s and Stryker Notes : Due to these Wheeled Vehicles actually been set up as APC’s (e.g. Tracked Vehicles), the Wheels will not turn when it moves. However the Vehicle will not automatically unload its crew / passengers when shot like Wheeled Vehicles.

LAV-150, ST
NA= lav150_st.vcl / lav150_st.pob / LAV150.rsb
MT=T, POL=799, PASS=1+2, WEP= 50calmg.gun / autogl.gun.
INFO= Upgraded version of the old LAV-150 (found in my Operation: Dark Star Mod), a very similar variant (the ASV-150) is now used as the M1117 vehicle for the US Military Police.

NA= lav25.vcl / lav25.pob / LAV25.rsb, tire_00.rsb
MT=T, POL=2278, PASS=1+6, WEP= 50calmg.gun / 25mmshell.prj.
INFO= Used by US Marines as an Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV)

LAV-25, AntiTank
NA= lav25_at.vcl / lav25_at.pob / LAV25.rsb, tire_00.rsb
MT=T, POL=2085, PASS=1+4, WEP=nil / tow.prj.
INFO= US Marine A-T vehicle

LAV-25, Command
NA= lav25_cnc.vcl / lav25_cnc.pob / LAV25.rsb, tire_00.rsb
MT=T, POL=1853, PASS=1+6, WEP=nil.
INFO= Could also double as a US Marine LAV Logistics vehicle (or even as the LAV Mortar Carrier)

Stryker ICV, M2 HMG
NA= stryker_icv_mg.vcl / stryker_icv_mg.pob / Stryker.rsb, tire_00.rsb
MT=T, POL=2277, PASS=1+9, WEP=50calmg.gun / nil
INFO= Newest US Army medium ICV/APC

Stryker ICV, Mk19 Auto GL
NA= stryker_icv_gl.vcl / stryker_icv_gl.pob / Stryker.rsb, mk19gl.rsb, tire_00.rsb
MT=T, POL=2303, PASS=1+9, WEP= mk19gl.gun / nil
INFO= Newest US Army medium ICV/APC

Stryker ICV, M2 HMG with ‘Fence’ anti-RPG armour
NA= stryker_fence.vcl / stryker_fence.pob / Stryker.rsb, tire_00.rsb
MT=T, POL=4661, PASS=1+9, WEP=50calmg.gun / nil
INFO= Newest US Army medium ICV/APC, uparmoured for use in Iraq. (The ‘Fence’ armour does not have any effect in GR.)

Bradley M2, A1
NA= m2a1.vcl / m2a1.pob / Bradley.rsb
MT=T, POL=2707, PASS=1+6, WEP=50calmg.gun*/ 25mmshell.prj.
INFO= Primary US Army APC, as used in First Gulf War.

Bradley M2, A2
NA= m2a2.vcl / m2a2.pob / BradleyA2.rsb
MT=T, POL=2782, PASS=1+6, WEP=50calmg.gun*/ 25mmshell.prj.
INFO= Upgraded US Army APC, as used in Second Gulf War and is currently used.

Bradley M2, A2, Launcher deployed
NA= m2a2_tow.vcl / m2a2_tow.pob / BradleyA2.rsb
MT=T, POL=2774, PASS=1+6, WEP=50calmg.gun*/ tow.prj.
INFO= As M2a2 but with TOW Launcher in firing position (launch’s a TOW rather than uses Cannon to destroy Vehicles)

Bradley M2, A2, “Linebacker”
NA= m2a2_line.vcl / m2a2_line.pob / BradleyA2.rsb
MT=T, POL=2784, PASS=1+6, WEP=50calmg.gun*/ missile.prj*
INFO= Primary US Army Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft (SPAA) vehicle, it has had its TOW launcher Pack replaced with a Stinger AA missile Pack (the missile.prj is to highlight the difference)

Bradley M2, A2, F.I.S.T
NA= m2a2_fist.vcl / m2a2_fist.pob / BradleyA2.rsb
MT=T, POL=2768, PASS=1+6, WEP=50calmg.gun*/ 25mmshell.prj.
INFO= Artillery liason Vehicle, it’s a M2 without a TOW launcher Pack.

Bradley M2, A2, Ramp
NA= m2a2 full.vcl / m2a2_full.pob / BradleyA2.rsb
MT=T, POL=2986, PASS=1+6, WEP=50calmg.gun*/ 25mmshell.prj.
INFO= A fully usable troop carrier version, especially for Players to use. Note however that it is very dark inside the Vehicle (night vision may be required to find the Ramp, LOL), also to dismount from the Vehicle will require some sort of Scripting.
PROBLEMS= The ramp is useable inside and out, however when using it from inside the Player (in seats 1+2 only) will probably have to turn away from the ramp once activated to allow it to lower.

M48 A5
NA= m48a5.vcl / m48a5.pob / M60a3.rsb
MT=T, POL=2632, PASS=0+0, WEP=50calmg.gun*/ 120mmshell.prj
INFO=Now obsolete tank but sold/given to many 3rd World countries during the early Cold War era.

M60 A3 ‘Patton’
NA= m60a3.vcl / m60a3.pob / M60a3.rsb
MT=T, POL=2622, PASS=0+0, WEP=50calmg.gun*/ 120mmshell.prj.
INFO= 2nd line Tank, also sold to many allied countries during Cold War.

M1 A1 ‘Abrams’
NA= m1a1.vcl / m1a1.pob / m1.rsb
MT=T, POL=2609, PASS=0+0, WEP=50calmg.gun*/ 120mmshell.prj
INFO= Primary MBT for the US Army, this is the First Gulf War version.

M1 A2 ‘Abrams’
NA= m1a2.vcl / m1a2.pob / m1.rsb
MT=T, POL=2741, PASS=0+0, WEP=50calmg.gun*/ 120mmshell.prj.
INFO= Updated MBT used by the US Army during Second Gulf War, and currently used.

M109 A5 ‘Paladin’
NA= m109.vcl / m109.pob / m109.rsb
MT=T, POL=1709, PASS=0+0, WEP= nil / howitzershell.prj*
INFO= US Army’s Self Propelled Artillery (SPA)

AH-1Z ‘Cobra’
NA= cobra.vcl / cobra.pob / Cobra.rsb
MT=H, POL=6029, PASS=0+0, WEP=vulcanmg.gun / tow.prj.
INFO= Updated Cobra version used by the US Marine’s.
PROBLEMS= The TOW missile launches from the turret position, but is barely noticeable at the speed the missile travels.

CH-47D ‘Chinook’
NA= chinook.vcl / ch47d.pob / ch47d.rsb
MT=H, POL=5711, PASS=1+36, WEP=nil.
INFO= A ‘workhorse’ transport Heli that has been used by the US (and allies) for many years.

CH-47D ‘Chinook’, with Ramp
NA= ch47d_ramp.vcl / ch47d_ramp.pob / ch47d.rsb
MT=H, POL=5754, PASS=1+36, WEP=nil.
INFO=6 shotgun seats (no1-6), with 1+2 being at the front windows, 3+4 at the ramp, 5+6 behind 3+4 (can’t reach ramp thou)
PROBLEMS= The Ramp can only be used from inside by seats 3+4. Very occasionally the model crashs GR, so use carefully.

UH-60L ‘BlackHawk’
NA= uh60l.vcl / uh0l_doors.pob / std bh_exterior.rsb
MT=H, POL=5213, PASS=1+12, WEP=nil.
INFO= This is the standard (non-SF) version currently in service with the US Army aviation. It has 6 Shotgun seats, seat 1+2 in back (facing rear), 3+4 upfront facing out (gunners positions), 5+6 in back facing forward. Both side doors can be operated from inside the Vehicle.
PROBLEMS= Only seat 1 operates the RH door, only seat 2 the LH door. If you want to set the Vehicle up so that seats 3+4 have AI Gunners, you will have to load in a different team as 1+2 first, the Gunner Team.

This can be done very easily (just remember to Credit me with the Vehicle in your Mod ), you need to look at what files are going to be used – Find these by looking at the NA line in the Vehicle Info above, and put them in the indicated Folders in your Mod (e.g. Actor / Model / Texture). If armed, also include any files that are indicated on the WEP section, if they are from this Mod – remember: a * indicates it’s already in orig_GR.
As always, if you have any problems, please contact me through a PM at or by email (

A very loose idea of the Vehicles used in different US force compositions. Note: M35a2 Trucks are universally used for non-Battlefield Logistics where the Hummer M1026 / M998 are found nearer the Battlefield areas later in the period.
Note: Only Vehicle found in this Mod (or Orig GR) are mentioned here – other Vehicle do exist (e.g. Apache Heli) which would have/are been used. These are in <>

Early Cold War
Recon: Jeep
APC: M113a1
MBT: M48a5
Heli: none

Later Cold War
Recon: Jeep
APC: M113a3
MBT: M60a3
Artillery: M109a5 (but actually earlier a1/a3 versions)
Heli: , , CH-47D Chinook

First Gulf War
Recon: Hummer
APC: M2a1
MBT: M1a1
Artillery: M109a5
Heli: , UH60L Black Hawk, CH-47D Chinook

Second Gulf War
Recon: Hummer
APC: M2a2
MBT: M1a2
Artillery: M109a5,
Heli: , UH60L BlackHawk, CH-47D Chinook

Marine Core (Late Cold War)
Recon: Jeep
MBT: M60a3
Heli: ,

Marine Core (Gulf War’s)
Recon: Hummer
MBT: M60a3 (First Gulf War), M1a1 (Second Gulf War)
Artillery: M109a5
Heli: AH-1Z Cobra, UH-60L BlackHawk

Current US Army
Recon: Hummer
APC: M2a2 and ‘Stryker’ ICV
MBT: M1a2
Artillery: M109a5,
Heli: , UH60L BlackHawk, CH-47D Chinook.

The following are Vehicles that have been ‘started’ by others, and I use a much modified version of there work:
BlackHawk : from Original RSE model
I have also used (with =MM= Shadow’s permission) the Minigun model/texture

I would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank the usual crowd of people and those who have given me help, hints and put me on the right track in 3dsMax:

Dugite (for helping me at every turn with Max advice)
=MM= Shadow (for giving me the Tools in the first place, and the interest)
Jay316 (for finding me decent reference pics / texture pics)
Snowfella (for general Max advice)
Streinger (for general Max advice)
Giweda (for Support and being a good all-round sport)
Reiver (for sucking me into thinking about adding more Allied vehicles)
RSE (for the game!)
Cath (for putting up with being a 3DSMax “Widow” with (mostly) good humour)
Creator/Author: Blakarion
File Size (MB): 8
Notes: This mod is sometimes required by other mods, or can be used by modders to include in their own mods.
Last Download: 24/05/22 06:13:45
Downloads: 2871
(8 Ratings) 
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Posted By Foxtrot23 on 18/10/05 10:47:14

almost as good as the OPFOR pack :D 9/10

Posted By U49 on 08/06/07 17:04:49

Cool Very good job and many tnx for the best US Vehicle Pack.

Posted By thiagosilva on 14/12/08 12:01:08

how i put soldiers inside the vehicles?

Posted By g on 06/01/09 16:29:34

can you drive cars/tanks???

Posted By Metalnat on 01/02/10 09:17:57



Again, Ghost Recon lives on. 

Posted By Me on 06/09/11 18:21:58

Wrong session, should be in vehicles I guess.

Posted By rileyfletcher_01 on 28/10/11 13:35:58

Crimeny, I just found this and I was stunned. Why is this under weapons? Should be under Modder Resource Files. Shockingly incredible. I found the OpFor awhile back and it is great for modding, but this is superb for the good boys. Thanks man for another great mod.

Posted By on 10/03/19 17:44:29

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