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OGN Weapons Mod
Added: 06/05/13 04:17:45
Description: GRAW weapons mod
File Size (MB): 59
Last Download: 22/05/22 07:13:16
Downloads: 1664
(13 Ratings) 
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Posted By Dunshire451 on 06/05/13 09:51:19

Thanks For Putting This Mod On Your Site I Hope Everybody Enjoys It.Its The Only Weapons Mod My friends And I Use Along with My Wife.Granny Gernade. Name says It all.ha ha ha.Any way Thank you again For Posting It.

Posted By Rahnman on 20/06/13 17:57:37

What weapons/attachments are in this mod? There are no descriptions.

Posted By Dunshire on 22/06/13 02:43:03

US Optics Scope.

Posted By Dunshire451 on 22/06/13 15:24:32

Ok here it is FINALLY!!!!! Version 2 -=OGN=- Weapons MOD ***Please Refer to the install.txt for instruction on the different parts of this MOD***This MOD is for public consumption. At OGN we strive to move the GR:AW Community forward and enhance the game. Therefor This MOD is freely distributable to any and all. If you can hack or improve this MOD in anyway feel free to use any or all of it in your project all we ask is that you give us credit for the work we did and leave this README in your bundle... Oh yeah! Invite us to play on your server so we can enjoy your MOD as well.The OnlineGamersNetwork is a community of gamers, designed by gamers, for gamers. Our motto; "It's better to play as a group...then to play with yourself." pretty much says it all.Our mission is to bring gamers together in a fun and coopertive enviornment to play a multitude of online games.No matter who your clan, or what your game is you are welcome with us. OGN is currently very active in GR:AW <-=OGN=- Recon Team> and Guild Wars <Tyrian Alliance> Both are public Clans/GUilds and all are welcome.======================================================================================================================================***READ THIS AT LEAST***There are now two (2) Versions of the MOD one for OGR and one for Co-Op (Single Player) The best way to do this is drop both rar files in C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\local. When you are playing multi player Unrar The OGR MOD, when you are playing Single Player (Co-Op) Unrar Co-Op MOD. ****REMEMBER!!! you have to have the right MOD in for the Mode you are playing or your game will crash. Things we Fixed or Modified:FIXED THE FRICKEN BOOM STICK! (.50 cal Sniper) it now BOOMS the way it should instead of sounding like a damn Firecracker!Fixed all of the sounds on all of the weapons.Slowed the Shoes(Speed at which you run) down. You still run faster than stock but will not win the 100 meters in the Olympics.Added a .50 Cal Desert Eagle Pistol. Ok let me tell you before you get disapointed we did not have a model for this gun so yes it still looks like a 9mm. It sounds like and has the physics of the Desert Eagle but still looks normal. We do not have a modeler in our community so we are learning that now. HOPEFULLY in the next few months we will have this model completed and as soon as we do, we will make it look right.We finally found the sweet spot for the AI (Not to dumb, not to smart)There are also other fixes and Tweaks that I'm not going to write about here as I would have to write a fricken book to tell you about. We have tried to incorporate the suggestions and ideas we have gotten from all of you in this version, and are already working on version 3.SKINS:3 new sets of Skins for your enjoymentAll Purpose Camo for any occasion.Urban for the city enviorment.And -=OGN=- Special Ops Urban with a little message for the Mex rebels emblazend on the back.Aussie's Insane AI MOD:Bored with the regular AI in the maps?? Install this little beauty (Instructions in the install file) and you will double even triple (effect is randomized) all of the snipers and RPG guys on a map. If you install set the server to HARD for optimum effect. (Only the person running the server needs this.=====================================================================================================================================Things to come:We are currently working on a GUI for our MOD, in the near future you should be able to install and uninstall all or parts of the MOD as you wish.Next Rev. should be including an RPG.There will also most likely be a model for the Barret, and Desert Eagle (Yeaaaah!) and possibly depending on how froggy we are feeling it is starting to look as if you may get the Autogun 12 guage shotgun. No promises on this one but we are trying to work with another community to make it happen.=====================================================================================================================================Once again I would like to thank all of you for your continued support, and invite you to visit us at or feel free to join us on the OGN Public Teamspeak located at you need any support for the MOD or have some feedback for us get ahold of us in our forums at Mod was designed by the -=OGN=- Recon Team to fight in maps with a high volume of AI running on Hardcore with limited deaths. It was completely scripted by Aussiereg-=OGN=-. Although this mod can be run on any server that does not have anticheat enabled, if everyone else is not running it, you would have an unfair advantage over others and that would be cheating. Please....Use the mod responsibly, and only on a server that is running the MOD I.E -=OGN=-Modded or on your own server that is CLEARLY marked as being Modded.Once again people to thank:Drifter:He created the Map Walk in the park. A member of the Phoenix Soldiers and good friend to -=OGN=- This is a great map and he and all of the PSX clan should be commended for there great work in the GR:AW community. If you want to play some good hardcore games of limited death GR:AW you should hook up with these guys. You can find them at & Ministry-ASNThey created the map Crossfire. If you have our MOD you know both of these guys. Both Great players and friends.AussieReg-=OGN=- Our resident Modder without him you probably wouldn't even know us.The rest of the -=OGN=- Recon Team for helping us develop and test all of these MODs and Maps.The -=OGN=- Recon Team is:TheNoid-=OGN=-Rip-=OGN=-Shorty-=OGN=-Idahobo-=OGN=-Righton-=OGN=-Gigz-=OGN=-Ruzzar-=OGN=-Kalamac-=OGN=-Aussiereg-=OGN=-Murphy-=OGN=-GN-=OGN=-RedBeardedDevil-=OGN=-Ministry-ASNRouter-Dude-=OGN=-a4zz829-=OGN=-WeeD-=OGN=-And finally Props to all of the others that come and join us on a regular basis for good times and good games.The OnlineGamersNetwork   "It's better to play as a group...Than to play with yourself."

Posted By gismo2001 on 06/10/13 00:22:02

What i meed is a Predater with more shots in SE mode. I get my Barrett with 1000 shots in SE and the GL with 350 40mm Grenades in semiautomatik.

But the Predator will not work.So I wait for the RPG.

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