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Texas Militia
Added: 28/08/12 16:27:21
Description: This mod comes with an extensive PDF manual.

Contains brand new complex missions with many objectives, lot's of non-player characters and vehicles and clever mission interaction.

Very clever 16 mission campaign.

New game types.


*****In multiplayer mode, be sure to use the TXM kit restrictions or you will not have access to all weapons.*****


World War III is raging in the Middle East, and the battles have drawn US armed forces from the
country. The war has resulted in the destruction or abandonment of many foreign refineries, so oil
production has begun in the southern United States. A certain organization dedicated to
reclaiming the territories their ancestors once held has seen this opportunity to dominate the oil
industry and take the land back simultaneously, and they’ve struck with swift and effective tactics.
They are called the Restauradores de la Tierra, or the Restorers of the Land, and many of their
ranks are made up of criminals who caused the collapse of the Mexican government in 2017. The
Restauradores lack proper training, but their fanatic devotion has gained them control of California,
Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Texas and Louisiana.

Times are dark in the south.

One hope remains — under command of Joseph Brady, a legendary Texas Ranger, the
Texas Militia has been reformed; the four companies comprised of 235 fearless fighters who will
stop at nothing to free their homelands. Armed with salvaged gear and vehicles, the rugged band
of Texans stand united against the imminent threat.

As a member of the Texas Militia, your team will face the forces of the Mexican invaders. The

Restauradores de la Tierra have no official uniform as they are not an army, so they may be
outfitted with old fatigues, work uniforms, or casual clothes. They use common weapons like the
AK74 and the AKS submachine gun, and occasionally you’ll encounter GP25 grenade launchers or
RPG29s. You’ll have command over a small squad throughout the missions, and your men will
have access to weapons like the M4 and the MP5, and you’ll also be able to use special
equipment like breaching charges and mortar launchers.
Your troops will be outfitted with standard Texas Militia uniforms designed with the effective Multicam, displaying the Texas flag, and sporting the Militia’s official patch. On the field, you’ll be provided with a detailed map of the area marked with scaled 20x20m grids that allow for complicated and accurate maneuvers. Your unit will be deployed to many locations across the country including San Antonio, Del Rio, the Great Basin Desert, and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. At each site you’ll have several
tasks to complete ranging from rescues to sabotage, while at other times your only objective will
be to clear the area of all resistance or reach a position. Command will have no authority over
which routes you take throughout your missions — the only restrictions will be the terrain. You’ll
ride, battle, and be supported by vehicles like the M35 truck, the T80 tank, and the Stryker APC.
Unlike modern armies, your team will not have special gear like radar or sensors, so you’ll have to
do things the old-fashioned way by using your senses of sight, hearing, and instinct.

It will be a fight like no other.

1) After downloading Texas Militia, navigate to the folder containing the Texas Militia .rar file.
2) Copy the Texas Militia .rar file to your Ghost Recon Mods directory. This can usually be found at
C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon
3) A .rar file is a compressed file that can be opened using a tool like WinRAR. It is the only
program tested for use with Texas Militia, so you may encounter issues using anything else.
4) Extract the Texas Militia .rar file by right-clicking it and selecting ‘Extract Here’ from the list.
5) Inside your Mods folder there should now be a Texas Militia folder.
6) Start Ghost Recon.
7) Go to Options.
8) Click the MODS tab at the top right of the screen.
9) Select Texas Militia from the list on the left, click ACTIVATE, and Texas Militia should appear on
the list on the right. If you are using any other mods, it is suggested that you deactivate them
while using Texas Militia. Texas Militia has not been tested with any other mods and you may
experience problems when using two mods at the same time. Texas Militia can be run while
Desert Siege and Island Thunder are activated, but you must make sure Texas Militia is the lowest
on the list by clicking INCREASE PRIORITY until it reaches the bottom.
10) Restart Ghost Recon. If you do not, the mod may not function properly and you will not
experience all of the new content.

AV Apollo
The Nighthawks Team
Special thanks to Rocky, Wombat50, BajaBravo, DonMiguel, and Parabellum.

Creator/Author: RileyFletcher_01
Version: v1.0
Screenshot: Screenshot
File Size (MB): 188
Last Download: 29/11/22 12:50:19
Downloads: 4262
(27 Ratings) 
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Posted By Blame on 29/08/12 09:35:34

Under the credits you have Riley's name 3 times >.

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 29/08/12 12:31:14

Twice, once for creating it and once for missions and soundtrack, it looks correct in the manual though because the headings are in it. ;) Play the mod instead of griping about the credits :P Tell me what ya think.

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 09/09/12 15:20:52

Anyone who is having trouble completing the demo charge objective in Mission 10 should make sure they put the explosives at least 5m or so from the wall below the tower, not directly against it.

Posted By Demonace71 on 19/09/12 17:48:12

Goodjob ! downloading now , New mod for ghost recon are always welcome ! cheers guys !

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 19/09/12 18:00:20

Thanks Demonace, tell me what you think of it!

Posted By Demonace71 on 20/09/12 01:49:39

Will do , i'm gonna try it this weeck end after the job . I will post some feedback on the forums .

Cya have a nice dayWink

Posted By Jackie_72 on 08/11/12 10:23:23

Good one RileyFletcher_01! I like it, keep it up! ;-)

Posted By teppe on 25/11/12 11:59:18

Good mod Fletcher! Keep it up mate!

Posted By me on 01/12/12 07:23:29

How deintall this mod ??

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 06/12/12 11:13:25

Hi Me, If you'd like to uninstall the mod, deactivate it in the MOD menu, found in your Options menu. Then you can delete the Texas Militia folder from your GhostRecon\Mods folder. Are you having tech issues or just not enjoying the mod?

Posted By Special on 19/01/13 05:02:24

Keep ghost recon 1 Alive people, I wish i could make mods, i Have DEEP respect to the ones that stil have the strength to make new mods, even in the age 2012,2013, Keep going Modders!!! You are our oldschool gaming Saviors! -Thank you :)

Posted By A little question on 19/01/13 17:10:08

In this mod, i don't see the Enemy's and Friendly's BOTS (I do see the players in single,multiplayer) Is there a way i could also see the bots in single/mulyiplayer? Thanks in the future, please respond here RileyFletcher_01 :) -Danny :D

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 21/01/13 10:12:25

Hi Danny, I'm not sure what you mean by: "i don't see the Enemy's and Friendly's BOTS (I do see the players in single,multiplayer) Do you mean that you can only see the members of your player platoon, but can't see any AI from other platoons like ally or enemy factions? Not sure what is wrong if that is the case. I would suggest reinstalling the mod. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling Ghost Recon. Remember, you have to have Desert Siege, Island Thunder, and the v1.4 patch to run this mod.

Posted By Danny on 06/04/13 08:25:47

Well, i meant on the map actualy, I only see me, and my Co-op friend, id like to see all enemy's (When visible), Friedly's on the map, like everyone used to in the normal unmodded gameplay, Idk if thats posible, the mod is epic btw :), Thanks for uploading :D!, Im happy to see that therre stil people out there that make mods for this ancient game, KEEP THE GOOD WORK :D GR1 FOR EVER!!!

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 07/04/13 09:07:43

Oh, you mean the map diamonds that show nearby enemy positions and non-playable AI. That's intentionally removed -- the game is much more challenging when you don't have that crutch to rely on. If you are really set on getting the diamonds back you can navigate to this folder: Mods/Texas Militia/Shell/Art/ and move the file 'cmi.rsb' to a folder outside of your Ghost Recon directory. I would put it in a folder on your Desktop in case you want it back someday. This will also disable the new interface and HUD in red-white-blue color scheme so beware. Glad you're enjoying it; I'm working on a new mod for my GR1 clan, the Tactical Operations Squad, right now. It should be released sometime near the end of this year and it will feature new weapons, maps, characters, and a full eight-mission campaign plus a ton of multiplayer quick missions. It'll be a lot of fun. Regards

Posted By Danny on 03/01/14 15:21:12

I love it how mods keep being created, KEEP GOING RILEY :D

Posted By on 21/12/18 00:41:32

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Posted By on 21/12/18 00:41:33

Posted By Mauricio PC on 11/05/19 05:06:13


Posted By DaGodlyNewbie on 20/05/19 07:55:59

intxrrogacion boisCool

Posted By on 09/09/21 00:54:16

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