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Added: 27/04/11 08:17:18
Description: 25th May 2011
Patch v1.1 has been released

This update is required for all who plan on playing the mod's missions in multiplayer co-op.

All missions are updated for better co-op play, MP actors are updated, kit restriction files are now working (no more CTD), and a snow sniper texture was added.


GR: ZAPAD-81 is a 20-mission campaign for single player or co-op that I've dusted off and revamped for release.

I started it many years ago but never got around to finishing it until recently. It requires GR v1.4, DS, and IT; it also requires GR: ZAPAD-81 Winter Add On to be activated after mission 8.

None of the missions require unlocking, just to keep things simple, but they are playable as a campaign.

There is a read-me text file with credits for all the stuff I borrowed from other modders. I'll list them here as well:

Map Credits
mission: author:
steel tempest "Biro"
white thunder "H-Hour, Sarc & EL OSO"
long bow "Rawker"
goliath "Bludawg"
Winter Textures "151-Lancer"
df439 Sahara "PUNiSHER"

Vehicle Credits
BlakOps vehicles: Blakarion
SS-25 TOPOL: cobaka
SMERCH: Hammer
Scorpion: Hammer
civy truck: Tinker

Character Credits
German actors - DOG-ZEBRA
Marines - Sixpence
French actors - Petitjean & Froggy
British actors - Sixpence
hostages - MONOLITH and BajaBravo

Weapons Credits
M16 Armoury: Chems
FAMAS Custom SD: Frostbite team
FAMAS, G3, AUG: Bajabravo
F-18 strike: Thales100 (I think I forgot this one in the readme)

The campaign is designed around a real-world scenario that occurred in 1981, when there were popular uprisings in Poland as it tried to escape the Warsaw Pact. The Soviet Union intervened; but in this scenario, NATO and the UN got there first to prevent another bloody crackdown like the Hungarian revolution in 1956 and the Czech uprising in 1968. This of course escalates to war with the Soviets, who launch Operation ZAPAD-81 (Zapad translates into "west"), designed to cleanse Poland without expanding the conflict beyond that region.

The weapons and vehicles are period (those used in 1981) as far as I could tell through research. Some missions are vehicle-intense and might need some GR performance downgrading in order to play smoothly. The missions are varied and range from large platoon-sized conflagrations to small squad-based traditional GR stuff.

Reporting crashes or issues:
If you have any problems using this mission then please use the Discussion link below which will redirect you to the release thread in the Ghost forums.

You will be able to post any issues or questions there, this will help the author to respond to your problem more efficiently.
Creator/Author: Variable13
Version: 1.0
Screenshot: Screenshot
Patch 1: Patch v1.1
File Size (MB): 281
Discussion Link: Public Release Thread
Last Download: 17/01/21 11:58:35
Downloads: 2576
(11 Ratings) 
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Posted By variable13 on 01/05/11 17:29:18

Any issues, comments, complaints, etc. should be sent to me, the author, through pm or on the forum thread for this mod.  Thanks and have fun!

Posted By dklando on 01/05/11 18:13:10

I'm unable to download. When I click the Download button, I keep getting HTTP 403 Forbidden error. Anyone else getting this error?

Posted By DanceMachineRevival on 03/05/11 01:58:34

Thx for the new campaign ! Download working good here ! cheers

Posted By CrackShot on 09/05/11 21:28:51

Also working here. To dklando: Check that your browser are not blocking cookies, MediaFire - the hosting site for the file - ruquieres cookies to be accepted.


Posted By variable13 on 15/05/11 19:38:47

Please be aware that there are some issues with the kit restriction file (CTD) and with re-arming while playing co-op missions.  These have been fixed and a patch will be released soon.

Posted By The real Ghost on 22/05/11 13:21:49

Thx for the patch ! zapad mod rock ! cheers !

ARMA III IS COMING FOR 2012  ! R.i.P GHOST RECON FUTURE SOLDIERS !  LONG LIVE TO THE ORIGINAL GR ! LONG LIVE TO ARMA  ! good luck ubisoft with you're xbox shit ! moooouuuuaaaaah ! cheers !

Posted By =MS=Lingus on 26/05/11 19:11:28

The ef-dneiper river map CTD!

Posted By variable13 on 06/06/11 07:21:52

@ =MS=Lingus: the ef-dneiper river map was a mistake on my part; it should be ignored as it was not incorporated into the mod.  Sorry!

Posted By luke444 on 27/08/11 23:31:35

how do you install the 1.1 patch?


Posted By works on 01/06/12 17:17:28

works here


Posted By Zarevich on 09/11/12 14:39:25

Very hard and stupid mission, especially ##8 and 15-19.%u0421razy story based on anti-Soviet prejudices and poor level of strategic thinking.

Weapons and equipment of the Soviet army not authentic. British army don't used M60 MBT (Chieftain in the 1981). 

 3 from 5, only for music. 

Posted By Abdolmartin on 05/03/15 16:28:47

Despite a number of bugs and issues (many of them inherent to the GR engine), this is the most immersive GR campaign I've ever played. That majestic heliborne insertion in mission 15, that hopelessly soviet-infested Warsaw in mission 8, that awesome hill climb in mission 17... the list goes on and on. My primary problem with this mod is the fact that even when you use silenced weapons, the enemy pinpoints your location almost immediately, and this renders stealthy missions (like 5 or 8) very difficult. Other than that, rock on mate! Long live GR1! P.S. Those damn bots have gone crazy here!

Posted By sewa on 23/04/19 07:17:38

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Posted By Rpghard on 21/03/20 19:11:52

This is the most immersive and challenging GR1 campaign that I've ever played. Just want to congrats you for that so great GR1 campaign.

Posted By on 10/05/20 07:55:41

Posted By on 13/06/20 10:50:01

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