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Added: 19/04/11 17:33:06
Description: 26 custom maps and variety of 86 mission files in this massive unofficial expansion pack. Check the credits / actor reference file for information on all the characters used for the ghosts, all real time people.

SP 12 mission campaign - Coop 12 mission campaign is the same, but tailored for coop. This campaign is yet again available for 27 player mode, slightly tweaked. There is then 18 extra missions covering all maps in different enviroments. Plus 6 small MP maps, that all include small missions.

Ensure to set your kit restrictions to Rockall no restrictions - The enemy are using the HK assault special kits, you can also use these as a kit restriction in none essential missions, but there are no demo or AT available in this restriction.

Recent volcanic occurrences, on and around Rockall, have made the whole Island unstable. Over the past 6 months the population of Rockall have slowly been evacuating the Island, under the organization of the Military force.

A team of top scientists and government officials from around the world, were sent to Rockall several months ago, to investigate the deep holes and cracks that have appeared.

Initial reports revealed the single largest known discovery of Kimberlite to date. However there is a chance of not being able to extract the kimberlite if there is more seismic activity.

All means of contact with the scientists were lost over a month ago now, and the Rockall military have claimed to have "escorted them off the Island several weeks back". The government have refused to comment and have recently cut off all ties to any other country, announcing complete independence.

Information decrypted from an Informant:

Scientists and government officials have been held against their will.
Government officials would be used as last resort as hostages and bargaining chips.
Scientists have being forced to work on a new type of warhead using the diamonds extracted from within the Kimberlite.

Rockall have nuclear warheads, and are willing to destroy their own Island if forced to do so.

There military are on full alert and have currently deployed all troops to key locations around the Island.

Reports of UN forces being forced away from the island has prompted an emergency meeting of the security council, and they have formally approached the "Special Reaction Forces" for help with the pacification of the Rockall forces and locating/rescuing of missing officials..

Make sure you guys check out the Plaza map - beautiful!!!
Creator/Author: Tinker
Version: v1.001
Screenshot: Screenshot
Documentation: SUPPORT HERE
Patch 1: PATCH
MAC: Download Mac Version Here
File Size (MB): 333
Movie Clip:
Last Download: 26/01/22 18:38:09
Downloads: 5925
(44 Ratings) 
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Posted By hi.there on 20/04/11 01:31:41

can't believe there still are some nice guy out there doing jobs like this,thx A LOT!

Posted By Buster on 20/04/11 15:00:41

Thank you very much for the time and effort spent in making this mod. Any day,anytime you need any missions scripting /igor on any of your maps feel free to state so, I would be glad to contribute/help. Thanks again on a great mod!!

Posted By twcrash on 21/04/11 15:37:38

great job Tinker thanks!!!

Posted By Saker on 21/04/11 21:38:58


It is quite refreshing to have a totally new and awesome mod for still one of the very best tactical games around!

Thanks!      Cool

Posted By j33pst3r on 28/04/11 19:54:51

Sweet job Tinker .... I assume this is a PC file?   or could it be MAC  ??

Posted By Tinker on 29/04/11 10:26:27

Post 85 in the forums topic has a download for the MAC version from Apex.

Posted By JohnTC02 on 30/04/11 05:30:05

Another great mod Tinker, I'm really enjoying playing the campaign.

Posted By DanceMachineRevival on 03/05/11 02:01:58

Wow that's just awesome ! thx for the new Stuff ! keep GR alive ! goodjob !

Posted By JediPatriot on 04/07/11 17:48:59

Outstanding!  I'm pleased that this game is still alive.  Thank all of you for giving her mouth to mouth. 

Posted By offspring_1 on 07/07/11 16:19:36

Oh how I miss GR1. I am buying a computer with XP just to have the GR game!

Posted By Impressed_89 on 29/07/11 19:38:01

This kicks some serious azz.  I was missing GR so I decided to install Island Thunder after about 5 years of not playing, then I remembered all the cool mods I used to get so I went looking for some.  To my suprise people are still making mods for this game.  Unbeleivably cool.  And not to mention this is hands down the best mod I have played yet.  I need to check out some of the other ones as well.  Thank you to all modders, Tinker in particular.  You guys rule.

Posted By Maike on 04/09/11 07:59:27

Cant belive it! Great job!

Posted By on 30/04/12 14:10:58


Posted By Elmovt on 06/05/12 11:32:35

Can't belive how good this is. Very nice job.

Posted By Silko on 07/05/12 12:08:39

I know from my Experience creating L4D2 mods that it is time consuming work and often thankless so I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Tinker for this mod. GR is one of my all time favourite games and this mod has made it even better - Excellent work Tinker

P.S lovin the Osama Bin Laden targets - wonder where I have seen them before lol...

Posted By The Joker on 19/02/13 20:38:53

Exelente, voy a ver si implemento este modo para un torneo 3 v 3, voy a revisar haber como funciona, despues les cuento

Posted By Sabe on 06/07/14 19:52:48

Men is incredible, you think that GR is dead, but after u see this mod forums you undarstand that GR lives in the shadows

Posted By on 20/12/18 10:25:01

VD5MEi Thanks, I ave been looking for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have located so far.

Posted By on 20/12/18 10:25:01

Posted By hnas on 31/01/19 04:23:21

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