Ghost Recon 2 at E3 part 2
by Dick Splash
Published : 16 June 2005


This is the final installment in Dick Splash's E3 report for E3. In the first part he focused on Ghost Recon 2 in this part he looks at the other exciting titles on display (and more booth babes of course).

Part 2

As I was going up the escalator on the first day, Muhammed Ali was coming down in the opposite direction only feet from me. I'm not a boxing fan at all, but I'd still have taken a photo. I did manage to catch another famous personality in a couple of photos, so if you are a hobbit fan take a look through the photos at the bottom of this page!

I recorded around a dozen small E3 movie clips for Ghost fans. While they are a small resolution they do give a feel for the scope and number of games at E3. Download all the movies in this zip file.

They include short clips of things like the exciting Sony PSP, which has a big screen and can take 2 1/2 hours of video! Anyway, it'll give Nintendo's Dual Screen 'thingy' a run for its money. It's a top piece of kit.

There is also a clip of Sony's answer to Halo - Killzone. It's a solid game, no doubt about it. Great action, good looking and there were gangs of geeks around the TV's playing it.

Also featured is Metal Gear Solid 3 - Well done Konami. What can I say! Quadruple A titles such as this drive hardware you'd buy a PS2 just so you could play it! DS<------speechless! ran an exclusive interview with game designer John Sonedecker some months ago about Combat Elite - let me tell you this game looks amazing. This snowblind engine really gives the RTS genre a splash of cold water to its face. I wasn't convinced that this game would work well on console, but to be honest, having seen it up close, I really think it wouldn't work on the PC. In a way it's more like a 3D platformer. I looks and plays great, and should churn out numbers on the PS2 and XBox.

Soldiers : Heroes of WWII. Now this is a great looking game by Codemasters. Fully destructible environments, beautiful to look at, it's a real treat for RTS fans and fans of the WWII genre. It should certainly give the publisher CDV a run for its money with their up and coming Blitzkrieg II and Panzers.
One thing I was told is that if a tree catches fire, then it can spread to other trees! Amazing stuff.

America's Army. There was a big AA presence at the show and they had a nifty stand set up inc. a LAN of flat screens. I managed to have a fiddle with a Barret .50. Made me laugh coz the squaddie couldn't understand me, and before he knew it, I had hands on ;) There will be an AA give away on soon, so watch the news page for that.

Far Cry Instincts. I'd not heard about this project that's in the pipeline until I saw it at the show. At first I thought it was an expansion disc, until I looked closer and saw that it was an XBox game. Now FC is on my list of 'must haves' when I upgrade my PC ;), but for gamers on a budget that haven't yet experienced the beauty of this game, then here's their chance.

This XBox version promises to offer much of the same magic, along with a brand new story and set of scenarios. They promise also a broader range of strategies and survival tactics than in the original, which will mean new ways to hide and new AI techniques to find you.

The game looks beautiful on the the console. No doubt more FC fans on the way.

Silent Hunter III. I don't know anything about this genre [other than an arcade machine in Morcambe in the 70's which I thought was the dogs], but let me tell you, this looked both beautiful and atmospheric. I'd not played it's predecessor, but I might consider it as a budget game purchase in the future.

For me though, as good as this game looks, I might have a hard time sinking allied ships! Funny really, because I haven't got a problem with Germans in CoD!!!

Brothers In Arms. Being a big WWII history buff, this obviously appeals to me. I'm a huge CoD fan, and this looks great. Published by UbiSoft, Brothers in Arms is out Q4 on XBox and PC. It's a new genre for the French publisher and, all being well will be one of their biggest releases this year [cough] besides GR2 on 'PC' of course![cough/]

BiA [<-----this abbreviation 'now' copyright of DS ;) ], allows you to zoom out from the action to a paused tactical view of your squads surrounding area. Then in FP view, by holding the trigger, you can direct squads to attack or defend.

All locations in France have been recreated from original footage and eyewitness accounts.

The press have hyped it as one of the best WWII FPS's ever and it's been endorsed by The Patton Museum [Fort Knox and 'all things tank'], The National D-Day Museum, Veterans of Foreign Wars [The equivalent of the Royal British Legion], and the National WWII museum in Washington DC.

Gearbox, the developer's goal, is to cause players to experience the emotion of war, along with the action. Whilst many players may remain emotionally detached from from the horrors of war, the lack of such maturity, game critics believe, prevent games from being recognised as a recognised art form.

The Photos. Spot the Hobbit.


Dick Splash