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Xtreme Devastation

MisterGrim of Xtreme Devastation answers our questions the day before Ghost Recon Phantoms is released. Visit Xtreme Devastation’s Facebook page if you would like to join them, or to check out their screenshots and movies. Other Clans can contact us to be interviewed.

1. What is your GRO nickname and how long have you been playing GRO and what is your current level?

My GRO nickname is MisterGrim. I have been playing for more than a year now on EU server and have played on NCSA for about 8 months before that.

2. What is your clan name and how many members do you have playing GRO?

Our clan name is [X-D] Xtreme Devastation. The clan has completed 350 days and we have around 40 active members – mostly from India and Isreal.

3. What GRO leagues or ladders do you participate in?

We used to participate in ESL and reached the semifinal of the Halloween event and were ranked 6 in of the Autumn League 2013 Groupstage. We enjoyed it a lot, however, we do not play it anymore due to 3 reasons 1) All are members are aged from 14-17 years and go to school. All ESL competitions happen late in the night for us (1.00 AM) and it is difficult for players to be online 2) We are from India and have a red ping. When we defeat green pingers they lay the blame on our ping and start abusing c) Some of the better pinged clans from France etc kill us too quickly as they have like 60 ping and we have like 200-250 – – – no match 😛

4. What are you most looking forward to with Ghost Recon Phantoms?

Everthing 😀 ranging from new characters and guns to modified maps. Counting the hours to launch!!!

5. What is your favourite class in GRO and why?

I like all classes and enjoy all gameplay modes (got 1680 achievement points!) except sniping – not too good at that! But I have maximum hours on Assault followed by Spec and Recon

6. What is your favourite primary weapon + upgrades for that class and why?

  • Assault – F2K SV SC and reflex 1 x open scope and AK 12 SV with muzzle brake and default attachments
  • Recon – P90 SV War
  • Spec – MK48 SV with muzzlebrake

7. What is your favourite special item + upgrades and why?

Blitz and oracle MK3, with speed and faster recharge

8. Which is your favourite map and why?

Tomsk – 9, as it is a small map and leads to more intense matches. Has a lot of corners and tactical spots to hold and attack, especially at capture pt C

9. What are your best tactics for that map?

 As a team, we have 2-3 different tactics to begin with for Tomsk – 9. Generally, two Assaults blitz in at the start to reach pt quickly, Recon gives oracle and Spec blacks out in the middle / left / right depending on enemy location. One spec/sniper in the window our side to kill approaching enemy. As soon as we kill enemy at C, we guard / control the entrances to cap. Typical config is two recon, three assault and one spec for 6 vs 6, and 3 recon, three assault and two spec for 8 vs 8

10. What advice would you give to new players when GRP launches on steam in April?

 Enjoy the game and don’t quit matches if you are losing!! Watch gameplay videos on youtube to understand tactics for various maps. Play a lot as practice makes perfect!! As with all games, it will be a bit tough in the beginning for all new players but it’s really fun when you get used to it!!! Keep playing and keep enjoying!!