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Why Australians Love Ghost Recon


Few game franchises tend to stay relevant after so many sequels and even fewer manage to reinvent themselves and still feel like their trademark namesake like Ghost Recon. The franchise that helped Ubisoft to fame has been growing steadily over the years, surpassing the 50 million units sold word wide and aiming for even more with its upcoming release, Wildlands. Thanks to its excellent story, ton of cool gadgets and elements as well as compelling game play, Ghost Recon has a lot of fans around the world, including Australia. The country (and continent) which sees a ton of game bans due to its controversial laws regarding video games and violence has always been a fan of Ghost Recon and like we mentioned before, there’s a lot to like. Still, it is very interesting why Australians are so attached to the franchise itself. You can check this popular mobile site for more gaming related news.


The most obvious reason is the fact that Ghost Recon is a strong, single player focused experience. Australian gamers are well known for advocating their love for online multiplayer games when faced with a near constant lag due to their remoteness. With that in mind, Ghost Recon games offer single player campaigns and missions to tackle which are excellent at drawing the single player crowd.

Another reason is the setting – many indicators from game reviews to retail questioners list the futuristic setting of the Advanced Warfighter series for instance, as “insanely cool”. With the ability to command a squad that has these futuristic gadgets that you can use to infiltrate, assassinate and neutralize your targets, it is incredibly engrossing and immersive for both younger and older audiences to really feel at home when playing these types of games.


The mobile experience is also very important – the franchise has never been shy at braving new territory, especially in the mobile segment of the market. Ghost Recon Future Soldier was an excellent edition and one that used mobile devices to compliment the game and introduced Australian gamers to mobile gaming on the go. Be sure to check up on similar mobile games as well as casino reviews and mobile casino games, if you are interested in online casino software guide and more.

With 2016 promising to deliver the outstandingly audacious Ghost Recon Wildlands, which is by far the most ambitious and enticing title of the franchise, we can agree that the series has never looked so compelling. Available for both consoles and PC, Ubisoft is sure to deliver a brand new Ghost Recon game play and fans from Australia are sure to take a bite from this excellent game experience.