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There are various age appropriate Xbox One Games that you can let your kids play. There is no need to play adult games with your kids. There are games that feature violence and violence, you do not want your kids playing those types of games. We are going to list the best age appropriate aussie casino games that you can play with your kids in this article.

Gang Beasts

This game is one of the best games to play if you have a large family. The game has a four-player as well as eight-online-player modes. The game has a cartoon character engage in slapstick battles. The character fights at extreme heights but the heights are not harmful at all.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection

So many children love harry porter movies. If your child is one of those that love Harry Porter, this is the game that you should get him or her. This game will keep your young one occupied for days. There are two separate games on the LEGO Harry Potter pack.


Battletoads was originally released in 1991 on NES. The game has been modified and it is even more fun to play. Kids can select one of three difficulty level.

Aladdin and The Lion King: Disney Classic Games

The game is a double set that was originally released on Supper Nintendo. The game provides a lot of hours of fun for your child. The game has been modified over the years. The game is very safe so you do not have to be worried while your kids play the game.

New Super Lucky’s Tale

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a 3D game its not like online casinos for real money , its suitable for kids. The game is about a little fox that goes on a quest to discover his inner strength as well as saving the world. It is not too difficult, it is suitable for younger children. The game is a good game that keeps your child entertained.

Just Dance 2021

This game is perfect if your child loves music. Your child can dance and it will check their moves through an app on your smartphone.