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The gambling industry has undergone a significant shift over the last 20 years. New technology, modern approaches to player catering and generous promotions are the norm. Casinos are always looking for new exciting ways to lure in players.


As a result of these movements towards innovation, two new trends emerged.


The first one is skill-based gaming, as a foil to more luck-based games popular in traditional casinos. Today, apart from roulette, bingo, and free slots Canada, you can pursue hybrid gambling consisting of video gaming that rewards skill.


The other is a movement towards esports gambling, that’s been growing in popularity in recent years. Sportsbooks now offer a selection of video game leagues on which punters can place wagers.


Our betting expert, Kevin Cochran, is looking at how this new era in gambling can affect players and the industry itself.

Video Game Gambling

In essence, video game gambling is a straightforward idea. You would play a popular video game, and if your score is high enough, win money for it.

The most significant selling point of this gambling model is that it rewards those deserving of gifts, not just people in the right place at the right time. More traditional casino games allow some level of strategic thinking, but not enough to guarantee a profit.

The Implications

Video game betting increases players’ engagement with the casino. Putting players at the heart of the action generates a more involved audience, increasing the popularity of online gambling in general.

Many betting businesses have already recognized the benefits and started profiting from them.

For example, Atlantic City now has skill-based machines in land-based establishments. In the same vein, popular gambling apps are introducing everything from poker to chess in their repertoire.

As regards the exact titles that casinos will introduce, it could be anything from heavy-duty shooters such as Battlefield to arcade games like Temple Run. All we can say is that popular games will make a killing.

Will It Take Over?

For now, it seems highly unlikely that skills-based gaming takes over traditional games. Still, this new trend seems to be growing. In a decade from now, we might see video games on the same level as slots in the gambling world.

Esports Gambling

Placing wagers on traditional sports is a vast source of entertainment for punters from all walks of life. With an endless list of betting leagues, types, and competitive odds across online casinos, it’s a profitable, ever-growing industry.

Esports is one of the newest additions to it. The community keeps growing with technological improvements, and more and more professional teams are making millions yearly by participating in a wide range of tournaments.

In the sportsbook industry, it can even happen that they outshine traditional sporting events during low action periods.

The Implications

Most significantly, the introduction of esports in sportsbook selection means that more young people may join it.

Polls show that over half of 14- to 21-year-olds enjoy watching people playing video games competitively. As they grow older and Esports betting becomes smoother, they’re likely to try it.

Especially since sports betting became legalized in the US in 2019, these betting markets have been developing. Esports might breathe in new life into it. Gambling industry news is positively reflecting this change, with their increased focus on this area.

Will It Take Over?

Not likely. While this discipline is becoming a spectator sport, the traditional industry is significant and influential enough not to die out any time soon. However, like with skill-based vs. luck-based gambling, the two can become equal some time down the line.


Overall, the legalization and development of the betting market show that it will not die out soon. It might change, but none of these alterations is likely to be the death of the industry.

As regards the possibility of a new era in gambling, bringing fresh life can be beneficial to both young players and casinos. Add in the convenience of online gambling now prevalent, and you get a growing industry.