Ghost Recon Net


For the sake of those that somehow aren’t familiar with our favourite tactical shooter game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, we’ll reveal that this is a video game published by Ubisoft that has been around ever since its first release on 13th of November, 2001. There are several sequels of the game, with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms released on 10th of April, 2014 being the last one to hit the market.

This amazing game has an incredible story and thrilling action which is perfect on the big screen. Therefore, in 2012 fans had the chance to see the movie Ghost Recon: Alpha (2012), while a year later there talks that Michael Bay was going to develop a Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon movie. However, what many people have failed to recognise, but we didn’t, is the potential this game could have if it was placed on the spinning reels. Yes, we’re talking about pokies!

Some of the finest online pokies in Australia have action and shooting theme, regardless whether they were based on action movies or TV Shows. One of the best possible examples is probably NetEnt’s Aliens, a game inspired by the blockbuster under the same name. This slot machine involves a lot of shooting and hence it’s considered one of the top picks among players worldwide.


So, if you’ve been wondering what exactly would make this fantastic video game an even better pokie, let us better explain. The action theme and amazing graphic of Ghost Recon could be used in order to create a virtually attractive product. If you take, for example, Microgaming’s The Dark Knight Rises you’ll see how the provider made the most out of the game’s main protagonists as well as of its main villain. Players will notice Batman and Bane fighting in front of the reels and that’s something that could be done on a possible Ghost Recon pokie as well. Imagine your favourite special soldiers running and shooting in front of the screen as the reels reveal juicy prizes.
Additionally, the storyline can be well depicted and presented to players with an interesting intro, just like the one BetSoft uses on its popular 3D slots. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, for instance, has one of the top intros on the market and it perfectly prepares players for the action that awaits them.


Naturally, we know that aside from graphic and sound effects, what makes pokies attractive to users are the special features. Ghost Recon can have a variety of those thanks to the large number of soldiers, weapons and destinations. Regardless whether a provider offers a pick and win feature made of different riffles and snipers or they offer various free spin packages, fans of the game will certainly appreciate getting closer to the action. Since we already mentioned Aliens and its recognisable shootout bonus game, a similar thing could be incorporated on Ghost Recon and increase the adrenaline levels of players up to the sky.

A thing that’s missing from the video game and can’t be included anywhere else except on a slot machine is cash prizes. This is possibly the strongest reason why fans of Ghost Recon would enjoy playing a pokie based on the title. If you’ve ever hoped to see your favourite game combined with cash rewards, a slot machine would be the concept to make your dreams come true. If, by any chance, the possible game developer decides to include a progressive jackpot too, that would be inexplicably fantastic. Progressive jackpots on popular games grow pretty fast and we’re sure that on a Ghost Recon-based pokie it would reach multimillion amounts in no time.

There it is – our explanation on why we would love a Ghost Recon real money pokie. Do you agree with us? Would you add any other reason on the list or would you rather stick to the classic game and avoid any real money gaming options?

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