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Online casino betting has become a much-appreciated pastime across huge swathes of the world in recent years, and there are many reasons why this is the case. Taking the chance to play roulette, slots or poker in your downtime can be an enjoyable way to pass the time, and there is a huge range of choices for potential players to find their ideal casino experience. Recent changes in the law in the US have seen states’ economies energized by new million-dollar businesses, and innovations are making it easier to play your favorite games wherever you are.

As part of this revolution, one of the most interesting developments in play at online casinos has been the skyrocketing popularity of live casino play. All the rules are the same, and for the most part so are the games (although for reasons that will become clear, slots don’t really work in this medium). We’re going to take a look now at why live casinos have such a major part to play in online casino gaming.

Greater social interaction

Playing at an online casino has its advantages and its disadvantages compared to going to a land-based casino, but there’s no denying that pressing a button to spin a digitized roulette wheel lacks a certain amount of warmth. It’s easy to let a lot of spins go by without really feeling an engagement that you’d get in a real casino, and this is where live casinos come in. You don’t need to travel to an actual place, which isn’t always convenient, but you can chat with the operators and other players, giving the experience a much more social feel, which can only be a good thing.

A stronger feeling of trust

Look, there’s a reason people say “the house always wins”. We accept that whether it’s poker, roulette or blackjack, the odds are overall in the casino’s favor. But when the cards are turned over by a virtual hand, it’s easy for someone of a suspicious mind to question the fairness of a hand even if the game is provably fair, which it often is. Seeing a real person throw a real ball onto a real wheel reinforces the sense of trust in a casino game, and by extension in the casino itself.

The sounds of a real casino

Most online casino games do a decent job of replicating the sounds and feel of a real casino, but that’s what it is – a replication. There’s an inevitable disconnect there between the real thing and its digital twin, just as watching two people playing Madden isn’t ever going to be like watching two NFL teams go at it for real. With live casino play, that disconnect is gone. This makes it a much more personalized experience and allows players to feel more a part of the game – which also means you get a sense of time passing and don’t lose hours to simply sitting and playing.