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What To Know About PS 5

To all the PlayStation lovers we are sure you have heard the news of the coming in of Sony’s latest invention. According to Sony, the new PlayStation that people are currently waiting on is to be released late 2020 or during 2021. According to Sony, this PS 4 successor will be a bang and its worth the wait. We are going to provide you with everything we know so far about this upcoming next-generation console. We are also going to give you the games involved. However, as you wait do play casino games for real money games and win real money.

Renewed VR support

We understand that VR was not a success for the PlayStation 4. However many fans still wanted this cool feature. Sony confirmed that it will definitely be bringing back this genre into the next generation consoles. The company promised to improve on the headset’s design.

Backward Compatibility

PlayStation 4 had no backward compatibility. So users could only download a limited number of classic games from the past. Sony has been however working on improving that. The latest PS5 will have the backward compatibility added to it. This means that the PlayStation will very much be able to support games from the previous generations. That being said users can look forward to enjoying games from the consoles of previous generations.


Users can’t wait to know about the online slot machines games that this console will have. Well, do look forward and be prepared to play the following games that sonny has definitely confirmed. There is the new Bluepoint studios game, Watchdogs Legion, Gods and Monsters, Rainbow Six Quarantine.


Although these are some of the confirmed games users can’t help but wish for some games. So we have also combined a list of all the rumored games. According to the CD Project Red Cyberpunk 2077 is being developed with the intent of being in the next-generation consoles. Users can also look forward to other rumored games like Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Starfield and many more.