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 Want to Improve Your Ghost Recon Skills? Play as Many Gun-Based Games as Possible


Anyone who has played any games in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series knows that it is serious business. Over the course of 18 years and more than eleven titles, Ghost Recon has made a name for itself as one of the most intense tactical shooter games ever created. With much of the game now played in the fiercely competitive online world, players need to be sharper than ever in order to succeed. Just as poker players indulge in blackjack and other card games to hone their overall skills, one way to get better at Ghost Recon could be to play as many other gun-based games as possible.

At peak times, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands currently attracts 3063 players. Despite having a detailed single-player campaign, the game is arguably best when playing as a team with other players. Obviously, when you are seeking to take down a drug cartel with your friends, you don’t want to be the weak link who lets everyone else down. Practicing the game alone first is a good way to improve skills, but it is also wise to play a wide range of other shooter games.

While Ghost Recon may be the go-to console game for many players, there are numerous gun-based games that can be played on mobile. For players who like shooting themes while also having a chance to win, there are various mobile slots at Lucky Pants Bingo. These include games like Gunslinger Reloaded and Pistoleras, where the bullets fly as the reels roll. There is a vast array of mobile shooting games that can be downloaded for free as well.

One of the best mobile shooter games is Hitman Sniper, which is a spinoff of the successful console franchise. In the game, players take control of the famous assassin, Agent 47, and put his sniping skills to the test. There are over 150 different missions and ten contracts to complete. The game also features a survivor challenge mode set in Death Valley, a level that pushes players to their limits with time restrictions and increasing difficulty.

Ghost Recon players may feel that the Ubisoft game is the best of its genre, so therefore stray away from similar console offerings. But there is one series that could help improve players’ tactical war strategy. Ghost Recon Wildlands has a lot of similarities with Konami Digital Entertainment’s Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. In the game, players need to infiltrate a number of heavily guarded military bases. And just like in Wildlands, there are myriad ways of going about doing this. This game can help players refine their strategies for conducting certain missions.

Even players who think they have reached the top of their game in Ghost Recon may want to check these titles out as they all share many similarities, be it thematic or in gameplay. Having a go at them could help players think of strategies and develop skills they may not have had before.