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It’s no secret that many of the game development companies and major online casinos have been investing heavily in how to integrate virtual reality gaming on their games and sites. Ubisoft have already released a number of VR games, however there’s already a few admittedly quite basic VR based casinos out there, but the technology is still very much in it’s infancy – for now. What can be predicted for sure is the commitment for casinos to make VR work, and already progress is firmly under way. This will only continue to grow as the likes of Euro Palace Online Casino and Vegas Palms online casino continue to invest in the technology.

So what can we expect to see from virtual reality when it finally becomes a mainstream way of enjoying the most popular casino games?

Social Gaming

Without question the main reason why online casinos are so determined for VR to succeed is that it finally offers a potential means of introducing social gaming into online casinos. Ever since even the earliest online casino sites were launched, casino companies have tried everything possible to introduce a social element to their websites. Pretty much all of these have proven to be a disappointment, with only notable exceptions such as bingo and arguably poker ever having seen a sense of community develop.

However virtual reality has already demonstrated that building a virtual casino involves much more than just playing games. We’ve already seen how casinos are making serious use of avatars in order to create casino lounges where players can interact together away from the gaming tables. Expect to see communal games such as craps and roulette become much more interactive too in the near future, bringing all the excitement and fun of a bricks and mortar casino into everyone’s living rooms.

Integration With Mobile Technology

At present VR is still quite a pricey form of entertainment, but it’s widely forecast that prices of high quality sets will rapidly fall in the near future. There’s already rumors of mobile phone companies considering including headsets in phone bundles, with the intention that people will be able to play games run directly from a smartphone.

Obviously the potential for high powered, portable VR gaming is enormous and modern smartphones can already comfortably perform well enough to run VR software. The only issue seems to be finding a way of making the VR headsets as portable as possible, quite possibly in the form of lightweight glasses rather than the traditional bulky headsets.

Either way expect before long it to be quite common for friends to get together and play some games together via VR.

VR Can Enhance Every Game

For now the vast majority of VR casino games are based upon slots. Naturally these games are the most easily translated into a VR context, but there’s also masses of potential with other favorite games too. As mentioned already the casinos are really focusing on the potential with more socially minded, communal games. But there’s no reason why VR can’t also enhance card games such as poker and blackjack too.

The only issue so far has proven to be making the games as natural as possible. When the hardware is improving so quickly it’s proving difficult for development companies to keep up and make the best use of the ever increasing power of the latest headsets. There’s also the slight problem of VR headsets not all being of the same quality, which is another reason why mobile apps are being considered as the best way of running the software.

There’s no doubt that VR offers a potentially fascinating great leap forward in any online casino experience. So much has been invested already it’s pretty much impossible for it not to revolutionize social play.