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The French company Ubisoft started working in 1986 as a publisher of computer games. However, the ambitious young team was not going to stop at small things, and nine years later, they released their first solo project, Rayman. The well-tailored superhero 2D platformer quickly became a bestseller, and its development team became famous all over the world. The company has continued to develop for all these years – they opened more than 20 offices worldwide and got the second-best game publishers’ title. The company has made a huge contribution to the games industry. Almost all projects of this corporation were successful. Ubisoft studio is famous for its variety of game projects. In the large library of unique and exciting games, everyone will find something to their liking. If you pay for essays online to get some more free time, you will be able to go on a small but interesting virtual adventure.

Mass Effect Trilogy

The unknown of outer space has attracted humankind for many years. According to the game plots in the XXII century, humankind has fully mastered space flights and even encountered alien civilizations.

The trilogy makes it possible to study the solar system’s planets, where the native Earth is located and the entire Milky Way. The last part of the Mass Effect series: Andromeda moved the heroes to another galaxy and even showed beautiful expanses, but, unfortunately, there was nothing to do on them.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls series is characterized by a huge free world filled with opportunities to explore. Two hundred years after the events of the last part of Oblivion, a life-threatening dragon Alduin, appears on the planet Nirn, in the province of Skyrim. Your task is to stop it. In addition to large territories with wildlands and high mountains, you can visit nine large cities and many small villages in Skyrim’s game world.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In the world of The Witcher 3, there is no clear line between good and evil, and many peoples, states, and secret societies are fighting for their, often selfish, interests. The main character is a hunter of evil spirits, who has to make a contradictory and not always noble choice, so everyone can choose their own path. If you want to play a video game instead of working on your assignments, you can follow my example – I ask someone to do my math homework for me when I need more free time.

Watch Dogs 2

After the gloomy Chicago in the first part, sunny San Francisco surprises with the rich colors, the architecture of a modern city, and amazing greenery everywhere. The main character, Marcus Holloway, fits the atmosphere, so it is easy to immerse yourself in the game completely. For example, he often refers to games and films in conversations with friends, jokes, and doesn’t bother you with serious dialogues.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Ancient Egypt attracts people from all over the world with riddles and unidentified tombs. The game will take you to the reign of Cleopatra VII. The main character wants to avenge his son’s death, but gradually gets involved in larger conspiracies.

To get into the little things of local life, its inhabitants, and customs, you don’t need to rush to get to the final. The world around you is like real ancient Egypt. During the day, peasants work in the fields, priests read sermons in large cities, and at night, the world “falls asleep,” and the inhabitants calmly go home.

Far Cry 3

Many young people go on vacation to a tropical island, but pirates capture them. It sounds simple, but Ubisoft has presented the story so that it is interesting to find out what will happen to the characters in the future. A crazy action movie, where all the seriousness of events is logically presented with self-irony. The characters fit into the atmosphere and remain in memory for a long time. The very open world with a variety of animals is fraught with no fewer threats than armed opponents. For example, a meeting with a Komodo dragon can be a tangible problem, from which you have to run away in a hurry.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The developers have seriously treated the recreation of the Wild West world. Realism forces you to grease weapons, take care of a horse, fry food on a fire. Routine is not obtrusive and helps you immerse yourself in the era of that time. The protagonist of the game, Arthur, has a “scale of honor,” determined by actions during adventures. For instance, your reputation rises for helping strangers, and you can be put on the wanted list for murders and robberies.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The unusual post-apocalyptic world is trying to surprise with every little thing. Humanity seems to have returned to ancient times with separate settlements, tribes, and faith in divine powers. Progress is a thing of the past, but animals’ semblances created by technology roam the forests freely.

The main character is armed in an old-fashioned way with a spear and a bow, but the details of this weapon have been created neither in these conditions nor in this era. During the game, you will repeatedly ask yourself, “What happened so that life rolled back to the initial stage of the formation of human society?” You can hardly take your mind off the game until you find the answer.