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It is very unfortunate and fortunate that some of us we spend most of our day’s sitting and staring at a computer. The consequences that come with such practice, we tend to embrace them without being grumpy about it. We use computers for different activities. Some use them for playing best American online casino games for real money. There is nothing wrong with winning real money in real time. Others use the device for research or other reasons. We previously covered eye strain for gamers by reviewing Gunnars Gaming Glasses.

However, the problem comes when our eyes start acting up. Eyes which are prone to staring at the computer for a long time are mostly affected. Your eyes are likely to get strained due to long hours of PC use. Above all, with all that has been said, there are certain tips you can get from reading this article. The tips will help you protect yourself from computer-induced eye strain.

Roll Your Eyes

Closing and opening your eyes will help to loosen them a little bit. This will even help your eye muscles to remain effective. All you need to do is to closing and opening your eyes on a regular basis whilst working on your computer. You can even roll your eyes on both clockwise and anti-clockwise to avoid the strain.

Re-position Your Face

To avoid a possible computer eye strain you have to make sure that your face is 20 and 40 inches away from the computer screen. It might sound difficult since your eyes will be a bit far from the screen. But that will actually enable your eyes and your body muscles to relax. Using a bigger screen is also another alternative as you will be able to see the font in a bigger size.
Adjust Brightness and Contrast

Too much brightness and contrast on your screen automatically cause eye strain. However, the simplest way is to make sure that the quality of brightness on your screen is quite reasonable. That way you won’t have eye problems and you will play online casino games without experiencing any hiccups.