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Racing at Monte Carlo is one of the experiences that will demand top class performances from the drivers. And it also requires intelligent engineers. The same focus you put when playing online casino online slots games for real money is the same that is needed for F1 Grand Prix drivers to produce top class and memorable performances.

However, racing at F1 Monaco Grand Prix sometimes is not a walk in the park or an easy ride. Monaco Grand Prix is an epitome of motorsport. It carries some undisputed champions such as Ayrton Senna who remain the undisputed champion of Monaco GP.

On that note, let’s take a closer look at some of the best races that have taken place at the F1 Monaco GP.

The 1996 Monaco Grand Prix

This is one of the most eventful Motor GP ever that took place during a wet weather. The one and only Olivier Panis won it for the last time for his tea Mugen Sport. This race will go down in the F1 Grand Prix books. It is the best race won by a proficient French driver and it witnessed a few number of cars at the chequered flag.

The 1992 Monaco Grand Prix

A tough F1 Grand Prix race of 1992 witness legend Ayrton Senna withstanding a tough competition from Nigel Mansell. Mansell kick started the race being at the summit and he dominated the first position from the beginning of the race until 71 laps when he stopped for a change of tyres. Thereafter Mansell finished 4th after he had a collision with Jean Alessi’s Ferrari that later forced the latter to retire from F1 racing.

Even though Jean Alessi was forced to retire from F1 GP, it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t able to play sports betting guide games. You can retire from your trade and still place your bets on your favorite online casino games and win real money today at any online casino.