Ghost Recon Net


Many gamers will know of the Ghost Recon series, the tactical military shooter games that fall under the Tom Clancy umbrella. Ever since 2001, the series has kept gamers enthralled with its depiction of military combat, and the strategic thinking it draws from players of the games. Though the series has a loyal fanbase and the games generally see positive reception both commercially and critically, the most recent instalment of the game has seen a lacklustre response. Many criticised the need for a constant online connection, something that ostracised many players who do not want to partake in online gaming, and some even described it as ‘underwhelming’. This will have come to the disappointment of Ghost Recon fans who had been patiently waiting for a sequel to the popular Wildlands. Fortunately for those players, there is an alternative game that falls under the same series.


Rainbow Six has an even longer history in the franchise, with the first game coming out in 1998. Most gamers will be familiar with the series, but one game stands out in that it has become a worldwide phenomenon. Despite only releasing in 2015, Rainbow Six: Siege has defied its creators’ expectations and has become one of the most popular multiplayer games now. Gamers were enthralled by the tactical nature of the game, something that Ghost Recon fans will appreciate when they play this instalment. The only downfall it has is that it is largely multiplayer-only, something that Siege and Breakpoint both share. Despite this similarity, Siege differentiates itself in a variety of ways when compared to Breakpoint, which is often positive.


Those who have enjoyed the ‘Search and Destroy’ game mode popularized by Call of Duty will feel at home when they play Siege for the first time. Unlike the popular FPS series, Siege only has one game mode, ‘Bomb’ one team is tasked to defuse the bomb, and the other team needs to protect it. This sounds simple enough, and on its own, is not ground-breaking at all. However, Siege separates itself from the competition when it comes to trying to get inside the building, a task that is not so simple as it sounds. Players can use operators who all have different equipment to penetrate the building and the bomb room, while the other team attempts to stop them with their collection of unique gadgets. It is the interplay between these gadgets, operators, and players intelligence against another that keeps Siege so fresh and satisfying to play.


Gamers who were dissatisfied with Breakpoint would likely have felt bored during the lockdowns, as the newest Ghost Recon game turned out to be a disappointment to many. They may have resorted to playing other games or gambling online at sites like Divine Fortune Slot, though the best course of action they could have taken would have been to try out Siege. During the lockdown, it amassed an influx of new players, growing its popularity even more.


Rainbow Six: Siege is a game that is continually updated and is unlikely to fall in favour with gamers anytime soon. Those Ghost Recon fans who were unhappy with Breakpoint may find that Siege offers a wonderful alternative to those who still want to enjoy a Tom Clancy game that seethes quality and leaks entertainment.