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As the technology is growing with each day, tech companies need more and more professionals to come up and work for them. During this increase in job opportunities it’s the right time to make a career in the IT Sector. However, most of the companies need experts who can not only take care their projects but possess skills to implement tasks on Google Cloud technologies.As a proof of their knowledge, the professionals will have to show the certification of the different fields they have mastered. One such certification exam is Google Cloud Certification. It’s gained by passing the certification exam in order to be a master in design, administration of application and management.

Here is all that you need to know about Google Cloud Certification and what it is composed of.

What is Google Cloud Certification?

Google Cloud is one of the fastest developing technology that’s is the reason why companies all over the world use it for their business purposes. Business and communication have become extremely easy with the help of Google Cloud. However, companies need professionals to handle the technology and the devices. For this, they need people who have the appropriate knowledge of everything and have been certified by Google itself. Hence Google certification comes into the picture. This is the certification that proves that you have all the necessary skills that are required to use the Cloud technology which helps in growing and transforming businesses.

The Pattern of Exam

The applicant is given 50 questions per exam that have to be solved in 2 hours time. The registration fee for each exam varies from $75 to $200. The exams can be given in one of the administration centers and can be taken at any time. Each of the cloud certification are valid for two years and they can be renewed after for the next two years.

Types of Google Cloud Certifications

There are five kinds of Google Cloud Certifications. Each one of them has their own importance. You can either choose to have all of these certifications or just the ones you think will benefit you in the near future. The certifications are:

  • Professional Cloud Architect

One of the most opted for certification is Professional Cloud Architect. This certification will teach you to build, manage and design solutions at the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Associate Cloud Engineer

With the Associate Cloud Engineer certification, you can develop the skill to deploy applications, maintain cloud projects and also to monitor operations on the Google Cloud Platforms.

  • Professional Data Engineer

As a Professional Data Engineer certification holder, you will be expected to know the process of designing and create processing systems. You should also have the knowledge of developing machine learning models on the Cloud Platform.

G Suit certification requires you to be an expert in using the G Suite collaboration tools and its productivity.

  • G Suite Administrator

G Suit Administrator certification requires you to have the technical skills that are required to manage a large G Suite domain.

If you have all these certifications, you can get the best possible jobs in the IT Sector as this is a proof for the companies that you are competent enough to handle the complicated Cloud Technology.

Advantages of Google Cloud Certification

As we have already discussed, there are a lot of advantages for your career if you get Google Cloud Certified. Some of the major advantages that come with this certification are as follows:

  • Enhanced Knowledge

One of the biggest benefits that come with these certifications is that your knowledge of Cloud Technology will grow immensely. This will help you in your professional life and with this, you can do a lot of good things with your career.

  • Better Paying Jobs

Another advantage of having a Google Cloud Certification is that you might get a lot of promotion opportunities. With this certification, your skill set will increase and this means that you will be able to do some skill-based work that always pays better.

  • Diverse Opportunities

There are five kinds of Google Cloud Certifications and each one of them has their own specialty. If you have all five of these, you will be more open to job opportunities. Additionally, you will also be able to apply for high ranking jobs even if you do not have a lot of experience in the department.

  • Chance To Grow Your Business

Another advantage of Google Cloud Certification is that if you do not wish to work under anybody, you can easily grow your own business with the help of the knowledge that you will gain while preparing for this certification.

Each person has different advantages from Google Cloud Certification and this is one of the certifications that will be your Ace card in the time to come.

How to Prepare?

Preparation for each exam is difficult and requires a lot of perseverance and hard work. You will need the study material to get the full knowledge of Google Cloud Technology and only then can you start the study. Here is how you can get your study material:

  • Books

You can find the required books for exam preparation on the official website of Google Cloud. There is also another study material available for the students.

  • The Exam Guide

The Exam Guide will let you know all about the pattern of the papers and the syllabus. Hence, it is very important to you.

  • Training Courses

A lot of organizations provide training courses for each of these certifications and you can find them online easily.

  • Practice Tests

One of the most important parts of preparation is the ExamCollection Google Cloud Certification Practice Test Questions And Exam dumps Practice test and you can find them on the internet as a number of websites provide them online, your task is to find the most reliable ones.

After you have the study material, make sure you finish every topic and always try to learn in practical ways. The more you can learn practically, the more it will help you in your future. Additionally, make sure you solve the practice papers regularly so that you can catch a hold of the exam patterns and create a plan for yourself.


Google Cloud Certifications are indeed very useful in the life of an IT professional. Since Google Cloud Technology is one of the most advanced all around the world, this certification will increase your credibility in almost all companies in the world. It will make you stand out from the crowd and with the above tips; you can score well in your exam and get the certifications at the fastest.