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We take Ghost Recon in general pretty seriously on this website, but we also have a big emphasis on fun. After all, whether we’re playing Ghost Recon or another game, we have the chance to put the stresses of everyday life to one side and immerse ourselves in some exciting action.

However, it is still important to think about safety and security now and then. Fortunately, there is plenty of advice and support out there on this issue.

Safety first

So much of our time is spent online these days, so cybersecurity has understandably become a major issue. For example, social media usage is always a hot topic and ExpressVPN has created a handy infographic on how to stay safe and private on such platforms. It includes a host of suggestions, from using multiple accounts to limiting certain posts to just close friends. The site also suggests only tagging locations after you have left and not linking different social media accounts.

There is a similar focus on protecting personal information in the gaming world and this is highlighted by Ubisoft’s Code of Conduct for players. The company actually asks that Ghost Recon Breakpoint players follow these guidelines and they include a section on security. They advise players against sharing personal information, including elements like phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses or answers to security questions.

Be your best

The Code of Conduct also highlights the behaviour that is expected of players and it encourages them to report any illegal or suspicious activity that might be seen.

It also asks for people to play fair, while it adds that individuals should be their best selves and remain respectful during communications. Ubisoft makes it clear that any problems may have consequences, as it states that any suspected breaches of the rules will lead to an investigation.

But, while the Code of Conduct is a useful tool to have to hand, what else could you turn to if you want more advice on safe gaming? Get Safe Online devotes an entire article to the issue of online gaming and outlines some of the potential risks that should be on your radar. For example, it highlights downloading cheats that may contain viruses or spyware, while it also suggests playing games when you have effective antivirus software and a firewall running.

Many of us love the fun and escapism of video gaming, but it is always important to take care when you are playing your favourite titles. If you have not already done so, it is well worth reading up on the Ubisoft Code of Conduct. This could make a big difference to your gaming and ensure that your experience remains a positive one, with plenty of time to focus your efforts on the action.