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One of the biggest names in eSports entertainment, Fnatic has taken several games by storm. By selecting the best players for each game and cultivating teams that will succeed, Fnatic has positioned itself as one of the most prolific brands in the industry. Focusing primarily on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the successful brand has a strong team of five players (and one coach) who have risen to prominence in the first-person shooter. As their skill in Counter-Strike has been proven, how would the Fnatic Counter-Strike team fare in Ghost Recon?

Who are the Fnatic CS:GO Team?

The Fnatic CS:GO team consists of five players – Freddy ‘KRiMZ’ Johansson, Jesper ‘JW’ Wecksell, Ludvig ‘Brolin’ Brollan, Maikil ‘Golden’ Selim, and Robin ‘flusha’ Rönnquist – and have been active since 2013. Prior to the line-up that many know and recognise, the Fnatic team’s success in CS:GO was patchy. But as the winning team was discovered, their focus on mastering Counter-Strike became clear.

As the Fnatic CSGO line-up shows with their 53% win rate based on the ESL Pro League 11 Europe, the team is well-versed in first-person shooters. Their pedigree for Counter-Strike consists of a recent first placing at the 2019 DreamHack Masters in Malmo in October, and a high placing in the ESL Pro League 10 Finals in December 2019.

While Fnatic field other teams, such as for Rainbow Six, League of Legends, and Dota 2, the CS:GO team is filled with players who know and understand the duality of skillset and strategy when it comes to first-person shooters.

Can Ghost Recon and Counter-Strike Be Compared?

Some fans of Ghost Recon suggest that Counter-Strike could not be more different, and the skills needed for both games vary greatly. While they are both round-based shooter games, some suggest that Counter-Strike focuses more on skill in first-person shooter games, which can be taught and learned through practice, while Ghost focuses on strategy. Indeed, many who claim not to succeed at first-person shooter games often do well in Ghost due to the ability to select classes and are able to implement strategic thinking to a higher degree.

Indeed, many also compare Counter-Strike to Call of Duty, as both offer multiplayer first-person shooter gameplay. But many claim that the multiplayer of CS:GO is more high stakes than that of CoD. Call of Duty also focuses on the storyline elements, while multiplayer is the main focus of what CS:GO offers. CoD provides a casual multiplayer option, but CS:GO provides one that calls on skill, strategy, and a player’s fortitude.

Ghost Recon and Counter-Strike are two similar – yet incredibly different – games. Both are first-person shooters and utilize that skillset when it comes to gaming, but Ghost requires a degree of strategy, which could see those less skilled at the gameplay succeed. Whereas CS:GO utilizes the skills necessary to succeed in that style of gameplay. So, while the Fnatic CS:GO team could play Ghost and probably do well, their real talents lie with CS:GO.