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In this era of video and kiwibetting sports betting, we sometimes tend to forget the basic card games. That is why today, we will look at a few easy steps that come with playing Pokemon with Cards. You can play this easy game with your friends and your family. It counts as great way to spend time with your family.

Basics of Playing Pokémon With Cards

We all know how fun and exciting playing iphone casino games. But you can’t really play them with your child but with Pokemon, you can. Follow these easy steps to enjoy the game with your child.

The Deck

In order to enjoy a game of Pokemon, you need a deck of 60 cards. And in this deck you need basic, and energy cards to balance the deck. And after that’s done, you flip a coin to see who goes first.

Card Draw

After you have decided who goes first, you should then draw 7 cards from your hand. You will have to put them aside face down.

Basic Pokemon

From the 7 cards that you have drawn, you will have to find the basis Pokemon. These are shown by the word Basic. If you don’t have one, you need to reshuffle and draw another 7 cards. Each time you do this, your opponent gets to draw another card from their deck.

Active Pokemon

If you do have a basic pokemon, you draw and place the card face down in the attacking area. If you have more basic pokemon cards, you can continue to draw and leave them face down on your bench. However, you can have no more than 5 basic pokemon at a time.

Prize Cards

At this point, you are now enjoying the game. Each time that you knock out a pokemon, you get to pick a card from their deck. When a player runs out of prize cards, it’s game over.