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As you progress along ‘Ghost Recon: Breakpoint,’ you need to level up fast to face enemies who keep getting increasingly powerful. The game being a tactical open-world shooter gives you the option to amend the abilities of your characters. It helps you design unique profiles that gel with your playing style and the role you choose to adopt. Here are tips to help you earn them and level up fast.

1. Finish the Main Missions

You should complete the main missions and earn XP points. The main missions are marked prominently on the map. Besides, you can check them on the PS4 by navigating to the Objectives Board after you’ve pressed on the touchpad. On the Xbox One, you’ll have to press the View button.

2. Playing Solo

Having teammates doesn’t change how many enemies you have, how much damage they can inflict, or how much they can resist the damage you seek to cause them. If you have teammates, you’ll be dividing the kills you make among yourselves, losing out on XP gains. Thus, you might need to run solo for a bit to get more XP.

3. Go for the Experience Upgrade Skill

When you level up, you earn a skill point you’ll have to spend inside the sprawling skill tree. Therefore, going for an ‘Experience Upgrade’ is one of the first things you should do. You’ll find it in the ‘Basics’ section, which you reach right after you’ve picked a class. This gives your XP score a boost of 20 percent. In fact, there are several skills that you should choose to unlock first.

4. Getting Spotted

After you’ve got spotted, reinforcements come in. While this brings more enemies to you, you can still stock XP from the reinforcements, as there are a considerable number of infantry units in them. There will be times when choppers as reinforcements are brought in, helping you stack up more XP.

5. Get into CQC

You’ll earn more XP by opting for melee kills rather than going for kills with regular firearms. You earn as much as 300 XP from CQC kills, twice what you earn by making kills using the usual firearms. That’s why you should go for CQC as much as you can and eliminate a whole compound combining CQC and stealth.

6. Pick the Right Gear for XP Bonuses

Get yourself equipped with the right gear to further boost your XP score. In Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, almost every piece of the gear you use, whether it is armor or a weapon, carries a bonus point. You can’t just equip yourself with any gear and grab an XP bonus, but some of the gear on offer do offer XP bonuses.

7. Tag the Enemies

You gain experience points by tagging enemies, more so with a ‘Recon Mastery’ done. You’ve only got to make sure that you drone-tag every enemy in a compound before triggering the killing spree. This way, you’ll earn twice the XP. Therefore, make a habit of tagging even visible enemies.

8. Raid Areas with Enemies

There are always enemies to hunt for in the enemy areas. Raiding these enemy areas will earn you experience points. There’s no need to go on a mission, and you may simply raid the enemy lines at random to boost your XP score.

9. Keep Tabs on Stamina

If you overdo the running around, you’ll lose stamina fast. The trick is to take small breaks while escaping from one cover point to the other. Drink at your canteen to boost your stamina levels. These tips are sure to help you, as if you get fatigued, you’ll have only one stamina bar left.

10. Obtain All Classes

Each of the classes comes with 10 challenges and completing them earns perk points. When you obtain a class, you can earn back all the four skill points you had spent to acquire all classes by completing the very easy initial challenges for each DLC class.


If you know the tricks to play well in the arena, you’ll enjoy every moment. Follow our tips of leveling up fast, and the game is sheer enjoyment. The game’s challenging and earning perks to level up is an intriguing task. If you experience any issues with the game or it continues to lag frequently, you might need to check your computer setup.

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