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The main reason why many people despise online and general gambling because they feel that people are overdoing it. And because of this, in the eyes of many gambling is now a bad thing. Yet in actual fact it is something that is done fir fun. And to add on to that, when people talk of gambling, they think online casinos and land based casinos. Yet things like the state lottery and sports betting are other forms of gambling for real money.

No matter what form of gambling that one may partake of, it is very important that one keeps it under bay. This is be it you are sports betting or you are playing flash casino games at casinos it can easily spiral out of control. That is why today we look at a few measures that you can use to keep your gambling at bay.

Ways to Keep Your Gambling At Bay

Self Exclusion

This method is usually available at many online casinos like This is for players who want to stay away from gambling but are not sure if they can do it themselves. They can contact the customer service and support team to ask about self exclusion. This means that you are temporality banning yourself form playing at online casino fro a certain number of hours or days.

Deposit Limits

In order for one to gamble, they need to make sure that they deposit something. That is why some gambling sites give players deposit limits. This means that a player can only deposit a certain amount of money every day, week or month.

Reality Check

With they use of the Reality Check, players will receive a message after having gambled for sometime. Ro enable this, players can visit the customer service and support of the casino or gambling site where they are playing. And set a number of minutes of hours that hey want to gamble. And after this times passes a message will appear on the screen.