Ghost Recon Net


UbiSoft’s new Ghost Reckon Breakpoint was announced in earlier in May in a packed trailer. This was enough to create an appetite and anxiety among video game lovers. Ubisoft waited until the E3 conference to announce that the game will be released later in the year; October 4, 2019. If you are a Tom Clancy fan, then you are in for a ride. The game is full of action-packed survival mode and here is a look at the gameplay features. We are sure you are going to love it as much as you like paying online with for sure.

#1. Bivouacs

If you were once in the scouts, then I am sure that you have come across Bivouacs. If not a bivouac is simply an improvised shelter which is used by mountaineers and soldiers. The makeshift camp consists of leaves that cover the structure. Ghost Recon Breakpoint players will have to build these makeshift camps on the island of Auroa. It is at this place that you will be able to take a breather from the combat. Moreover, it is at this bivouacs that you will be able to heal from injuries, arm your gear, and get your character back in check.

The bivouac is also a great place to check the weather forecast. Therefore if its dark or stormy you can take a rest at the bivouac as you plan for your next journey.  There is a lot that takes place in this game feature.

#2. Injuries

Ubisoft has decided to use the new injury system, which can harm your ghost. In the game, if you take on a lot of damage, you can get a semi-permanent injury. The injuries can take a number on you such as slowing you down, interfering in your combat moves and your speed. There are several ways in which you can make an injury ranging from bullets, falls, and tumbles.

However, you can heal your injuries by going back to your bivouac or using syringes and Band-Aids. In addition to the damages, you are bound to experience hunger, thirst, fatigue, and stress. It is upon you to use your environment to your advantage so that your Ghost can survive in that unwelcomed island.

#3. New Enemies

The latest entry of the Ghost Recon series features new archetype enemies. They include heavies with miniguns, agents known as Wolves, drones and other former Ghosts. The Wolves are better than the standard enemies, and they also move at a faster speed.

#4. Camouflage

In the gameplay, you are the hunted. Therefore there are some instances whereby you are overwhelmed with injury or fatigue. You can camouflage by immersing yourself in a muddy patch or hiding in the dirt.

#5. Military vehicles.

The Wildlands did not feature a lot of militant vehicles. However, the new series boasts of more military cars, armored jeeps and helicopters.

The other game features include raids, dialogues, class-based progressions and new forms of breaching. The game is bound to be different from its predecessor the Wildlands.