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It’s safe to say that Battle Royale games are certainly still up there as one of the most played gaming genres on the market currently – Apex Legends is still experiencing impressive numbers, Warzone continues to thrive, and PUBG still holds a vast mobile audience. Whether it be for BR or other types of games as players ask where is the best place is to find games online from more casual games or chance or to these BR titles, Ghost Recon haven’t yet found success in this space as Wildland’s attempt doesn’t command much of an audience and the delay to Frontline means players must wait a bit longer – but can the release of Frontline bring Ghost Recon into the BR market?

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For Wildlands, whilst the game was received extremely well and received plenty of praise for its expansive map and solid gameplay, it wasn’t until the final update of the game where a pseudo-BR game mode emerged with a 4v4 styled approach, with this coming right at the end of the games life cycle however it fell quite flat on arrival and seemed a little like half a foot in, half a foot out approach to seeing if players would like a battle royale game – the follow up release of Breakpoint fell very flat for the same reasons as  the primary audience couldn’t really decide whether or not it was supposed to be a battle royale or something more in line with the typical realistic feeling Ghost Recon games.

With Frontline being developed and marketed specifically as a PvP focused online game, it would suggest that it has the clear direction of being what is essentially a battle royale game and join the big names that already exist – but will it capture the same Ghost Recon charm? The game series has long been known for heavy weapon customization and more realistic features that exist in the shooter market, so if it can incorporate that into a BR format then it will help provide something more unique, but with other games in the market being much faster paced and more focused around the gunplay, this is something that can’t be ignored either if the game is looking to succeed.

With no current release date, there’s time to see what other big names in this space do with future updates or releases, but Ghost Recon is poised to be able to have a big release if it gets its core just right – avoiding the pit falls of Breakpoint and taking advantage of successes from previous games like Wildlands will be the best approach, but only time will tell.