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Xbox shooter game allows you to remain at the center of the action, get the adrenaline flowing and your blood pumping. However, it’s never fun to play the same game all year long, as you can be frustrated and bored. In 2020, a new batch of Xbox shooter games is making headlines for their excellent storyline and great gameplay. Here are a few titles worth trying.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

This game serves an unmatched tactical first-person action that’s still attracting millions of fans in 2020. This breathtaking shooter sandbox takes you through intricate systems that reward your strategies in every battle. The game comes packed with several hero-style operators, with lots of counter-terrorist specialists with unique abilities.

With fully destructive settings and precise gunplay, the game comes layered with excellent gunplay, and not many shooter titles can rival what it offers. Similar to the Betoclock race betting and online casinos guide, it has innumerable systems that are consistently intense and rewarding.


While the Doom franchise seemed ready to die unceremoniously, the developers gave the game a new life in 2016. In the new release, the game was stripped off its survival-horror elements, turning it in into an action-packed extravaganza.

When it comes to the story, it doesn’t matter since the Doomslayer has monsters to kill with his chainsaw, BFG, and shotgun. Even better, Id Software is set to bring a new chapter with a sequel that looks as insane as the original title.


With skyrocketing success propelling this shooter game, Fortnite has defined the face of modern gaming. The free-to-play action game is a cultural phenomenon that has influence all over the gaming world. Moreover, it was among the first games to capitalize on the growth of the genre, with continued support amplifying its reach.

Fortnite drops 100 players in an arena set for conflict, littered with tiered gadgets and weapons to eliminate the competition. The game comes with weekly updates to keep things interesting, giving you limited-time rewards, new items, and everything in between. Additionally, the game supports cross-play, allowing Xbox One players to share the adventure with Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 owners.


This incredible story-driven shooter game created by Arkane Studios opens you to an alternative world timeline. The game is all about discovering mysterious alien species, and the humans experiment on their physics-bending abilities. However, things go south quickly, and you become one of the remaining survivors on the Talos I space station.

Prey has a strong emphasis on exploration, puzzle-solving, and a passive world-building narrative. The title is an underrated gem that lovers of games like Bioshock and Dead Space will find interesting.

Cod: Modern Welfare

The Call of Duty franchise has remained among the top shooter games for over a decade, and the latest redesign of Modern Welfare is no exception. The title explores the events of Activision’s 2007 classic with a modern view, with its single-player mode touching on horrors caused by current conflicts.