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Online games, for most people, have been an exciting part of their daily activities, and the fun attached to playing great online games is, most times, arguably incomparable. The year 2021 witnessed the release of many great games, even with unique features. However, you can expect to get much more this year, 2022. 

Technology has made online games possible, and as there is an advancement in technology, there has become a widespread use of digital games with more attractive and exciting features. Hence, we have the best out of many. Tilting towards the casino games, we have the likes of slots, tables, and even Keno. 

And the more interesting thing about these casino games is that they can be played using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin; you read, for example, the bitcoin keno guide on CryptoGamble – the top comparison site for crypto casinos. 

Further, so many video games were released for players to enjoy last year. The likes of Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 and others have led to a massive demand for great online games capable of making players come back for more in the coming year, the year 2022. Therefore, in 2022, here are the best online games to look out for.

Gran Turismo 7

This particular game is one of the most popular racing simulation games, and it is returning with additional new features that will set the hearts of players and fans on fire. This game will get your full attention, whether among gamers or motor enthusiasts. More than the previous game experiences, which give you a realistic driving experience, the Gran Turismo game series’s new entry has improved on expanding your vehicle and creating more unique features such as weather changes during races. 

Ark 2

This game has been an enduring favorite of online game players ever since release. There is not much to tell about this game yet, but one of the little things known is that the Vin Diesel character would feature slightly in the game. Gamers who love to play adventure like Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed game can also expect to get a wonderful and exciting time with the Ark 2 game. So, make sure you try out this game. 

Stargate Megaways

This slot game is one of the best upcoming online games for 2022. It is from Scientific Games, which has made most iGaming community members excited about it. The slot game features a space theme and is one of the best-looking Megaways slots. You can expect to see cascading reels, multipliers, and significant maximum wins since Scientific Games created it. 

Dying Light 2

The Dying Light game is a fantastic zombie-killing game, and since its reveal in 2018, the second series has been immensely anticipated. The game is added with lots of depth and details, and there has also been an expansion area such as the crafting and weapon systems. Dying Light 2 will be a wonderful treat for online game players and lovers of co-op multiplayer. 


This game is one of the most popular online games around, and it is adding to its number of players with day passing. PUBG is a game based on armor and surviving a series of situations. Also, one of the beautiful things about the game is that it can indulge as many players as possible at a time. 


These games are not only the best the year 2022 has to offer, and some other games are in this category, such as Call of duty, counter-strike, call of war, Raid: Shadow Legends, and many more.