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Many athletes ventured into the sports they are well known for out of passion, skill and commitment. However, there are times that certain sport can interest you to the point of leaving the one you are in and pursuing the new one. That is the good thing about playing casinosnz’ online pokies games. There is more that is introduced everytime that you see no need to pursue something else. Its all the fun you need play online casino games for real money now.

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the sports that has grown over time. Because of its popularity overtime, it has made some athletes shift attention and pursue a career in MMA. However, succeeding is another story but well we are going to look at the top 5 athletes that left their sports for MMA.

Jose Canseco

Canseco was one of the most well know baseball players in the ’80s and ’90s. He was labeled one of the most valuable players that the league had and had numerous awards for playing this sport and being good at it. His victory did not live long as his career went down the drain after confessing to using drugs during matches. In 2009 Canseco announced that he was going to be fighting in some Japanese MMA tournament the player was faced with the greatest fighters and he lost the match and he never fought again.

CM Punk

To all wrestling lovers, this man was popular in WWE as he even had the WWE belt once. He fought many great wrestlers of all time, like triple H. he then decided to shift to real fighting. After a long fight with the great Mickey Gall, Punk lost the match.  He still promises to come and fight again in the MMA but he has never shown up again.

James Toney

Toney was a boxing champion and the most recognized and successful fighter during the 90s and a part of the 2000s. He was sat some point fighter of the year. Until he decided to get into MMA in 2010. After fighting with Randy Couture Toney was made to realize that his boxing skills were not so much for this sport, Did you know you can place your bets Casinos en ligne gratuity and stand a chance to win big. His career in MMA ended before starting.

Johnnie Morton

Being an NFL player Morton was successful and was good. After his retirement, he decided to get into MMA. It was not so long until he realized that it was not a good move. After fighting Ackah Bernard Morton was destroyed as Ackah had more experience than Morton had.

Marius Pudzianowski

For this former strongman competitor getting into a fighting sport was not a good idea. Although he was known for being Europe’s strongest man countless times, MMA is proving to be difficult for him. However, he has not done as bad as other players mentioned above but he is still struggling in MMA.