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Since its release in 2018, BioWare’s much-hyped MMORPG Anthem has had a lukewarm reception.

While praised for its visuals and combat system, it has also received criticism for its grinding gameplay mechanics and shallow storyline. Despite this, its developers have promised to update the game with Bioware GM, Casey Hudson, promising a substantial revision of the game over the coming months.

While the company’s continued support of the game is refreshing, the question remains: should I give Anthem another shot, or switch onto ฟรีสปิน (GClub) and spend my time there, instead?

Connection issues

If connecting to Anthem’s servers is the make-or-break to convince players to return, that’s not going to happen any time soon. The game is plagued with connection issues, with players facing disconnection at least once in an hour of gameplay.

Connecting to servers can also be tedious, which is disappointing. Bioware promised to fix these connection errors in the previous patches, but no changes have materialised.

Lots of bugs

In addition to server crashes, Anthem is riddled with buggy gameplay, too. There are times where our characters didn’t load properly, with limbs turning invisible or the custom paint colours failing to load.

There’s also the bug that prevents you from closing the main menu, forcing you to stay in the main menu screen until the game inevitably crashes or, by some miracle, restart. While Bioware has been sending new patches to fix these problems, it has almost always lead to new bugs.

A divided community

As an online multiplayer game, a robust community of gamers is as crucial to Anthem’s success as other factors. Most of the people playing the game right now are on the fence, though.

Many Anthem players, for instance, still believe it’s worth a shot, while a sizable chunk of the community claims it’s a lost cause. What the Anthem community does agree on is that the upcoming overhaul will spell the ultimate success or failure of the game.

No end-game content

Since its release, there’s nothing much to do in Anthem. Quests keep on repeating with the only differences in the slight changes to the dialogue.

While it can be explained that the quests can be repetitive due to it being an online MMO, other triple-A online multiplayer titles, like Destiny, prove that this is an invalid excuse.

No loot boxes

Not everything is terrible with the current state of Anthem, however. Its promise to keep purchasable loot boxes at bay still holds.

While there are still microtransactions in the game, it’s mostly relegated to cosmetic items that you can also purchase using in-game currency. Based on Hudson’s comments, this should not be changing anytime soon.

Final Verdict

If there’s one thing that Bioware has been right about, it’s that the company needs to overhaul the entire game.

It would require the investment of a lot of development time and resources, though, which is not an expectation of Bioware. It may be better off to spend these efforts on making an Anthem 2 instead.