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Soccer is the most loved sport in the world. And because of this fact, it has been the inspiration that has to lead to many other games as well. And today we shall look at games that look like soccer but are soccer, did you know that you can play online pokies now and bet on any soccer player or team. These are the games that have their roots in soccer. As you play these you see little bits and pieces of soccer in them. It just serves to show just how much people love soccer.

Other Than Soccer You Can Play


We know that the name sounds funny and made up, but it is a real sport. so real in fact that there is an American Footgolf League that was formed in 2011. And yes, footgolf is exactly what it sounds like. It is a mixture of golf and soccer.

Human Foosball

We have seen a foosball table and some of us might even have played it at one point or another. And well, some genius just thought of creating a human version of it. And they did. Now, when you see a bunch of men holding on to one stick, and looking a bit absurd, they are playing a game of foosball. Imagine how cool and funny it would be if we had a human adaptation of meilleurs casinos en ligne slot games.

Seepak Takraw

The name is a bit difficult to pronounce, but you will be surprised that this game is a combination of soccer and volleyball. And in this soccer variation, no hands allowed, but you can use your chest, feet, knees and legs. Interesting right, we know.


Headis, another funny sounding name, and an even funnier game.  We just think that people love soccer a bit too much. And in the variation, we have table tennis turned to soccer.  Headis is played on a table using heads, of course, and a soccer ball. The game was invented in Germany.