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All You Need To Know About Special Operations 3

In December 2018, Special Operations 3 was released. Special Operations 3 is an upgrade on the tactical shooter game Wildlands from Ubisoft. With it, Special Operations 3 brings many tweaks which enhance the player’s gaming experience. For more about these tweaks, continue reading this article. Before we explore the tweaks though, we just want to inform all gamers that they can enjoy Wildlands online for free in addition to other NoviBet casino online games at Novibet casino.

PvE Mission and Rewards

With Special Operations 3, players playing Wildlands now have the opportunity to create and customize their own Player vs Enemy missions. The missions can use the same settings as those used in the main game in terms of the landscape (environment). Alternatively, the player may choose a different landscape, the beauty of which being the fact that it’s now possible to use a futuristic setting! Additionally, from the missions, the player can actually receive some rewards depending on his progression and success in the mission/s.

PvP Classes + Maps

In Special Operations 3, two Ghost war classes are introduced. From the Ghost war classes, the player is able to further enhance his fighting abilities through learning new tactics and skills on how to defeat the enemy. What’s even more impressive is the fact that there are two maps (landscapes) in which the player can enter the Ghost war classes. This, therefore, means that the player can learn different tactics in different environments.

Year 2 Pass

In an effort to reward loyalty, Special Operations 3 does offer all Year 2 pass holders’ access to an additional pack which contains community requested tools. Not just this but Year 2 pass holders also get direct early access to the Ghost War classes (both those which were released in December and any other Ghost War classes that may be added).

Photo Mode

Any gamer who has played Wildlands will testify that Wildlands is a game which is aesthetically brilliant. As such, gamers from now on thanks to Special Operations 3 can take some shots of any landscape they like when playing the game. The gamer is not limited to the number of shots that he can take meaning that it’s possible for one to create an album from shots taken in Wildlands.

Prestige Economy

Special Operations 2 introduced Prestige Economy, a platform which affords gamers the opportunity to share with the game developers all the tweaks that they need implemented. In releasing Special Operations 3, Ubisoft stated that they will be revamping the Prestige Economy platform. It’s not clear at the moment what sort of changes Ubisoft will implement as they did not release the set of changes.

New Customization Items

Gaming is always great when the gamer is able to make some changes that suit his preferences. It is for this reason why Ubisoft decided on creating new customization items. Ubisoft states that over 90 new items have been added to the store including a pack which is related to the theme.