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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is an absolutely immense game. In an open world game like this, you might think you know what to expect but there is lot more stuff you possibly think of. This is the same case where you think of all free slot machine games in iGaming genre are same but in reality, all offer a different experience. If you’ve just begun playing and haven’t put a lot of time into exploring the game, then this article will give you the head start.

Always Use The Drone

One of the most useful tools in your Ghost Recon Wildlands arsenal is the small flying drone you can use to scout enemies. It instantly spots the enemies and is nearly invisible until you literally run it right into their faces. It’s fantastic right from the start, and the optional upgrades for things like battery life and range just make it even better. Make sure to always activate your drone before moving into a new area as it can easily save your life.

Leave No Supply Behind

Only skill point is not enough to unlock new abilities. There are various type of resources like Fuel, Medicine, Food, and Communication Supplies scattered throughout every encampment and every corner of the game map. Make sure to interact with these items to mark them for pickup. You’ll need these resources, always grab them even if you think you’ve got loads.

You Don’t Need To Kill Everyone

If you are fully loaded and you see an enemy, it’s always tempting to kill but sometimes its a mistake.  By being so linear you increase your risk of being spotted. Ensure a clear path from your firing point to the target, and then act accordingly. Leaving your guard down while firing on the enemy is not the wisest move.

Don’t Ignore The Side Missions

In most of the open world games you ignore the side missions but in Ghost Recon Wildlands game never opt out of any mission. These optional missions allow you to unlock additional support and gather a ton of supplies in one place, which makes it easier to level up and complete main story missions.

Explore, Don’t Wander

To able to get success in the game you need to explore the open game world. But that doesn’t mean you visit every corner of the map. Yes, you will get collectables and can unlock the potential of your character but it will expose you more against the enemy. The best way to avoid going in circles looking for collectables that might not be there is to gather intel first. Once you’ve collected all the intel you can, arrange a path for exploration.

Helmets Don’t Stop Bullets

Yes in the game you got Helmet and Armour for protection but that doesn’t mean you are bulletproof. Typically, the first bullet blasts off the helmet leaving the guard unprotected for a follow-up shot. So never leave your guard down.