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The Ghost Recon series offers online poker enthusiasts and other video game players a chance to experience the spine-chilling escapades of the Special Forces. The series is almost 20 years old and to date, the multiple episodes have captured the world of video gaming with tense storylines, realistic mission activities plus realistic graphics and audio effects.

The first set in the series, which began its release in 2001, includes 3 episodes, Ghost Recon: Desert Siege, Ghost Recon Island Thunder, and Ghost Recon: Jungle Store. The second set includes 10 episodes, starting with 2004’s Ghost Recon: Summit Strike and going through Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Advanced Warfighter II,  Predator, Shadow Wars, Future Soldier, Commander, Phantoms and Wildlands.

The military tactical shooter games put the player in charge of a fictional squad of Special Forces soldiers. The group, which is stationed at Fort Bragg NC,  is the Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (5th SFG).

The operations of this group are top secret but what we do know is that these “Ghosts” are similar to other well-known Special Force squads such as the SEALS or the Delta Force.

Some of the highlights of some of the episodes include

Future Soldier

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, which was released in 2012, allows players to prioritize up to four targets so squad members can focus their fire. When targets are marked they are prepared for a synchronized takedown called ‘Sync Shot.” Icons signify when squad mates have moved into position and are taking aim. The Sync Shot is the sole squad command in this game.

This game introduces a new feature to the series – adaptive camouflage. Ghosts become partially invisible, due to the fact that the processing power isn’t yet available to allow the camouflage to keep up with quick movements. Adaptive camouflage is only active when the player moves slowly or crouches. If the player gets up to run the feature disengages.

This is also the first time that players can customize their weapons via the Gunsmith. After customizing a weapon the player can test the customization on the firing range before starting off on a mission. Customizations include adaptations of triggers, foregrips, bipods, lasers, magazines, optics, gas systems, muzzles, stocks and barrels. Every time a mission is completed, new advanced parts of the weapons are unlocked.

Drones also play a part in this episode. The drones are controlled remotely and can hover indefinitely to take aerial photos for extended periods of time. If spotted, the enemy can shoot the drone down. On the ground the drone can maneuver on wheels, camouflage itself and activate a sonic blast to disorient enemies.

Warfighter II

Ghost Recon: Warfighter was an amazing game but most Ghost Recon fans agree that Warfighter II was even better.

In this game the player, through the character of Captain Scott Mitchell, does the bulk of the fighting. The difference is that the character doesn’t rely on arcade run and gun shooting to overcome enemies……the focus is more on tactical combat. The game combines fantasy – players can get hit multiple times before dying – with a realistic overview of a Special Forces Firefight.

This game also features different sets of firearms such as the Beretta M9, the Heckler & Koch G36, and the FN SCAR. There are also plenty of other pieces of equipment including helicopters, tanks, armored personnel carriers, and remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles.

Warfighter II has a unique cross-con system so players can exercise indirect control over friendly units that act as the backup on a mission (UAV drones, helicopters, etc). These units assist in locating enemies and dealing with threats.


Wildlands is the last (to date) in the Ghost Recon series. Wildlands is the first to feature an open world environment. This game adopts a modern-day setting with weapons and gear commonly used by military forces around the world (as opposed to the futuristic-type gear that was featured in some of the previous games such as in Advanced Fighter and Future Warrior,)

The open world environment consists of a day-night cycle and locations such as mountains, salt flats, desert, and forests. There are several types of vehicles available to the Special Forces fighters such as dirt bikes, dune buggies, and helicopters. Missions are completed through combat or stealth with both long-range and short-range weapons.

There’s a game map with 21 areas, each of which is controlled by a buchon, who is associated with one of the cartel’s 4 divisions of operations – Security, Influence, Smuggling, and Production. Players can eliminate the buchon – eliminate enough buchonsand you’ll be able to get to the boss of all the operations.

Shadow Wars

The 2011 Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars didn’t garner great reviews for its storyline, which many players found to be one-dimensional, but the gameplay more than made up for the lagging plot.

Of particular interest were the elevation and cover play which played critical tactical roles, supported by a fire system that made the combat system distinctive. Completing missions gave the player points that allowed them to upgrade the rank of each unit, upgrade abilities and collect bonus points.

The game can be played as multi-player missions, in skirmish sessions and as a campaign game of 37 missions with differing levels of difficulty.

There are compelling playable characters in the game which include commandos, snipers, gunners, medics, engineers and members of other units who can join the squad and assist in completing missions.