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Slot machines are perhaps the most played casual games on the planet. Back in the day, slot machines were completely mechanical, which made them a perfect game for the late 19th century. Later, as technology evolved, slot machines became electro-mechanical, then fully electronic, ultimately making the big leap to the online world. Today slot machines are perhaps the only casual game you can play in real life as well as online – you can find them at gas stations, pubs, casinos, or you can try the online slot games available at And with their great numbers comes a huge variety of themes, their developers looking for inspiration in many places, including the world of video games.

Video game slot machines are a thing

A while ago, when we were looking at how awesome a Ghost Recon pokie would be, we mentioned Microgaming, a game developer that has one of the largest collection of slot machines in the gaming world. Well, this developer has created several video game inspired slots, which are all a considerable success – either because of the originals’ following, or because of the slots themselves being built to almost perfection. Whichever the case, video game inspired slots do exist, so maybe a Ghost Recon pokie might become reality one day.

The best 3 video game inspired slots

Hitman is quite a successful video game franchise, being around since 2000, when 47 first made it to the small screens. Since then, the franchise grew to include a total of nine games, two movies, and a slot machine called “Hitman”, available for free play (and real play as well) at the All Slots Online Casino. And it’s a good one, too – it has graphics worthy of the video game franchise, shady characters to be eliminated, and several bonuses the player can collect by doing so. It’s not just an action-packed casual take on the Hitman universe, but also a most generous one.

Tomb Raider is another classic game franchise that made it to the online gaming world. The adventures of Lara Croft stretch over two decades, with more than 15 games, two movies, a short-lived animated series, books, comic books, and some appearances in other media. And two video slot machines.

The first, called Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, was a massive success for the All Slots Online Casino, and beyond. So much so, that it triggered the release of a sequel in 2008. The games have their own story, and visuals taken from the preceding video games, making them not only fan favorites, but highly successful All Slots games all over the world. In the second game, called Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword, Lara Croft goes on a quest to gather the pieces of an artifact – a sword, as you might expect. She discovers prizes, bonuses and big wins in the process, which makes the game not just exciting, but generous as well.