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Girls With Guns: The Game

There is more resistance than ever to the Girls with Guns game. This is because of the games’ orientation towards promoting gun violence. There is a very vocal group of people that believe that video games make shooting guns seem like child’s play. The rest of society acknowledges the dangers posed by guns and therefore observe proper gun etiquette. One of the more commonly accepted rules of gun ownership and use is, Do Not Just Shot Your Gun. Did you know that you can also play this game at best online pokies Australia and stand a chance to win great prizes?

Why Girls with Guns

Girls with Guns is a popular theme in most forms of entertainment. There are songs, video slots, books and films based on the theme. The reason for the popularity of the theme is that as a species we have always been fascinated by warrior women. Somehow, the idea of a woman who has the capacity to not only to successfully defend herself but also to attack is captivating. It is because of this phenomenon that stories of Amazons and other women warriors became famous.

It would have been impossible for one of the trendiest topics in the world to remain without a game dedicated to it. Already there were other video games based on the topic. These games include the hugely popular Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, did you can get such games at online gambling and have great experience in gambling.

Not a Conspiracy

There are some people that believe that games that encourage violence are part of a conspiracy to turn future generations into mindless, trigger-happy zombies. This has to be one of the craziest things to come up with. And the Girls with Guns games only add fuel to their fire.

However, the reality is that women have been used as soldiers and fighters for several millennia. Many tribes from across the many civilisations believed in training girls for war along with the boys. Although naturally, the girls would have their own specialized regiment. So this is nothing new under the sun. It is just a case of recycling trends, which has become a trend itself in the modern world.