Ghost Recon Net

If Ghost Recon is your favourite game, it looks like you’ll maybe need to wait until 2025 for a new version of the game. What other games can you try in the meantime that might make you discover something new that you love?

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Also by Ubisoft, this 2018 title takes us back in time and lets us take control of a Spartan mercenary. Yet, despite the different historical settings, the huge open world and role-playing aspects help us to get caught up in the missions just like in Ghost Recon. The action takes place in ancient Greece, which we can explore on foot, by sea, or by riding a horse. You can attack enemy bases and collect objects along the way while working your way through the lesser bosses just like you do in Wildlands. The next title in the Assassin’s Creed series will be called Mirage, and it’s expected to be a smaller-scale effort that’s set in Baghdad in the 9th century CE.

Payday 2

This 2015 game by 505 Games is a sequel to Payday: The Heist from 2011. The next game in the series, titled Payday 3, is expected later this year, carrying on from where this title ended with the gang splitting up. A first-person tactical shooter requires a fairly high degree of planning as you attempt to carry out a series of heists at different locations, each with unique challenges. The actual action sequences are more arcade-style, but the online cooperative playing makes it more interesting than it might otherwise have been. The Payday 3 title is expected to bring the series up to date with a more modern setting allowing them to incorporate the latest security technology as well as cryptocurrencies.

Shield of Sparta

Perhaps you want to carry on with the military theme but are looking for a simple sort of gameplay. In that case, the Shield of Sparta slot by Pragmatic Play is played over five reels with 20 paylines where you need to get matching symbols of chariots, warriors, and other images. You can find this and other similar slots on the casinos listed by BonusFinder, and their post explains the different deposit bonuses available at casinos like BetMGM and PlayStar. They point out that some sites give free spins to new users making their first deposit.

Just Cause 3

Released in 2015 by Square Enix Europe, Just Cause 3 is set on a Mediterranean island, where you need to try and free your people from a brutal military dictator. This is another game that benefits from having a massive open world and open-ended gameplay. The plot is perhaps a bit on the light side, but the action makes up for it, and there are definitely some similarities with the liberation missions in Wildlands. The next game in the series should be Just Cause Mobile, set to come out later in 2023.

All of these games provide something different to the Ghost Recon experience but include one or more of the elements that have made it so popular among so many players with different tastes and backgrounds.