Ghost Recon Net

We’re all pretty much stuck at home playing video games with our friends, and most of us need a bit of variety in our lives. Yes, Ghost Recon is an excellent game, but the basic game mode can get a bit stale after a while.

That’s why we’re going to look at some cool options like mods and expansion packs that bring new life to the game, as well as some other great Ubisoft games you can play to get a break from Ghost Recon. That way, you can get back to your favorite game feeling fresh and enjoy it from a whole new perspective.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Going from a stealthy team of gun-toting specialists in shady locations across the world to a group of highly trained, not-so-stealthy agents in a post-pandemic urban jungle is not that much of a stretch. However, it brings a welcome change of pace, alongside some of the quirkier gear like healing grenades.

There’s generally more open space in a city environment than in a jungle, and it is fun to run and hide behind cars and trucks. There’s plenty of covers around, and you’ll need to use them all the time, always trying to find a good position to open fire from and flank the enemy.

You need to be in sync with your teammates, but it feels a bit slower than the Ghost Recon multiplayer match. Defending an area is a welcome challenge, and it’s interesting to see how different people take up specialized roles, and the whole team works as one giant organism. The multiplayer mode has its benefits.

Far Cry 5

Now, Far Cry 5 is quite a different animal than all the previous games but bear with us here. There’s an old school nugget of gaming wisdom, where a person would take a short 10–20-minute break from FPS or strategy games when they get fired-up or are on a losing streak. In that time, they’d switch to an open-world chaotic type game to blow off some steam before returning to their preferred game.

Back in the day, the best option for this was GTA. It offered an open-world experience, giving you plenty of activities to choose from. It was a great form of stress-relief. Well, today, you can do a similar thing with Far Cry 5.

It’s a massive map with lots of things to do and some reasonably simple objectives with lots of shooting, so that you can go with either the co-op mode or a full-blown deathmatch. The action is fast-paced, and there’s no real strategic component to it, at least not like with the other games on the list, so it’s easy to let loose and just have some fun.

The co-op mode is also an excellent choice if you have that craving. It’s an excellent way to recharge your batteries, get some variety, and revel in the colorful worlds and all the things going boom.

Ghost Recon Mods

Now that you’ve taken a break from Ghost Recon and played some other games for a week or two, maybe even a month, you can get back to the iconic series and just dress it up with some new mods, crazy skins, or even some extra content added by experienced players.

You’ll have hours upon hours of fun going through all the different options, and the quirkier mods add to the classic Ghost Recon experience and bring a smile to your face.

Get Ready to Play Watch Dogs Online

Watch Dogs is scheduled to receive a multiplayer mode in 2021. Gamers should be very excited. The game initially received both criticism and praise for its, but quickly became a fan favorite. Due to the reported issues and bugs, the Watch Dogs’ multiplayer mode got delayed. However, Ubisoft guarantees that the online mode will be implemented. It will presumably allow teams up to four players to enter the distressed London arena. One of the splendid additions will be Spiderbot Arena, a place where players will be able to come face-to-face in battle.


There’s nothing better for die-hard Ghost Recon fans than to take the occasional break, experience a few different Ubisoft shooters with your friends or significant other, and then reinvigorate your passion for your favorite game.

Be sure to try out some of the mods – you can easily spend a couple of hours just browsing through the different options and seeing what works for you. We all need something to nudge us out of the mundane these days, and these games are guaranteed to put you in that childlike state of euphoria as you annihilate your friends in some hardcore online combat.

However, whenever you play online, be it a Ubisoft game or Fortnite, you need to consider your digital privacy. While gamers assume that they are relatively safe, the truth might be different. Competitive players could target you with DDoS attacks, forcing you to leave the game. In online games, when each second counts, losing momentum is devastating. Additionally, online gaming can be highly diminished by ISP throttling.

It means that your ISP provider will limit your internet connection every time you start playing with friends. A VPN for gaming can solve these issues. It hides your IP address and prevents other players from learning your actual location. Furthermore, the web traffic encryption halts ISP throttling, as your provider won’t be able to tell when you are playing online games. So, stay safe, play some exciting games, and explore the dystopian universes in the best way possible.