Modder Spotlight : Streinger
by Giwex
Published : 19th July 2004
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July 2004: Streinger  

A little bit about Streinger:

Surely one of the best weapons modders out there and one the few Croatians in the community. Streinger is also a very active poster at the forums, and one of the most willing to cooperate with other projects. Let’s talk with him:

The Hot Seat

Q: Something about you?

A: Well, it's not like it hasn't been mentioned before... (Like by Aus Viper for the bios of the specialist in Op.S), My name is Romeo Streinger, 33, single but seeing someone, working as a paramedic, studying along the work. I have military background (both familiar and personal), what Aus Viper said about my grandfather was true.. he was Austro-Hungarian artillery officer in WWI

Q: I believe you served in the military during a real war and not only in game? Can you tell us something?

A: Yes, that's true.. during the war in Croatia, I served in Croatian army, as an infantry medic... but have to say that medics in Cro army ARE combatants.. meaning they carry weapons and participate in combat duties

Q: Very interesting. And despite this you were attracted by GR? Were you not tired enough of the real war?

A: Interesting question.... I don't want to come across like a war junkie or something...but no. It’s really hard to explain why... I guess I wasn't so happy with my performance during the war... and I'm one of those people that likes to go back then and do it over and over till it's like they wanted. That's part the reason I'm trying to join the Croatian peace keeping core in Ghanny now. I believe I have more to offer now... I'm much better and more experienced paramedic now.... also, more experienced soldier... and almost in better shape then in my 20s

Q: So you believe GR is very real, it gives you the feeling of a real war

A: It's CLOSE to real... as a way of comparison, let me use driving games... some of the driving games are physics isn't real, speed, acceleration. There’s no damage to the car if you hit something.... then some others try to emulate all damage your car, it reflects on its performances... so it's ALMOST a driving simulation. GR is like that, you have to reload, conserve ammo, get down, crawl around, duck bullets, and plan your action and aim. It’s ALMOST a combat sim in that respect.

Q: I understand you very well, I was a rally driver in my 20s. When did you start modding GR? What are your skills?

A: Hm.. it was a LONG time ago…, Croatian army was my first..., some...3 years ago? Was it? Or more?

Q: What have you done on that mod?

A: Skins and weapons that was my first step in weapons modding

Q: And a very good step I personally believe. Other mods or contributions?

A: Oh, I think it's common knowledge by now… I was chief weapon's modder for Op.Stab, (what an illustrious title) also I did my first vehicle for that one, and contributed to some other mods... like Chems' British infantry mod and a few more not yet released.. like Brazilian Special Forces, SWEBAT, Stalker's mod…..

Q: What's your favourite weapon you modelled?

A: Oh, it's hard to decide, really.. it's like asking a parent which is his favourite child.. LOL

Q; Are you working on some other mods for GR right now? Do you want to give some news to the community?

A: Well, I am working on Operation Falconer and Mission: Afghanistan

Q: We are quite aware of Op. Falconer led by Aus Viper, something about Mission: Afghanistan?

A: Like I said in the thread I started in the Ghost forums, it's based on Croatian MPs taking part in peacekeeping mission there. Like most mods, I intend to mix reality with fiction: Peace Keeper’s base gets attacked by local Taliban cell, MPs start to investigate... it eventually leads them to Taliban cell base so they have to take appropriate action… Of course, other nation's operatives get involved; you'll have to unlock them as heroes during the campaign. Namely, you'll play with German, Canadian and Brit operatives as well as Croatians.

Q: I believe the community will be happy to see a mod set in Afghanistan since the one in development have been dropped. Are you working alone or with a team?

A: Right now, I'm alone... I plan to make most of the work myself...characters, weapons, vehicles, map textures... that's all within my limits, as for the campaign scripting, I intend to let someone more experienced to do the job

Q: I believe there are very good scripters willing to work with you

A: I'm counting on it

Q: You have any ETA?

A: Not at this time...scripting is long and painfully phase of every mod making, other stuff I mentioned is mostly done, almost all weapons, basic characters are done, have to fine-tune some texture details, but otherwise they are done, I'm still deciding on maps I'll use.

Q: Very well, And finally, what are your expectations from GR2?

A: GR2? Hard to seems it will be released for X-box first. My worst fear is that it was designed with console in mind, if that's true, even if we eventually get PC version, it will have to be a console conversion...and we all know what console conversion games are ...

Carry on Question

The previous question by Chems was:

Q: What would your ideal map setting be? Ie: an oil rig in heavy rain and thunder or dense jungle in heavy humid with lots of crickets.

A: Hmm.. I have to say that oil rig in heavy rain brings back memories... only in my case it was mineral water factory... the rest is the same as one of my war experience. Let me just say; put a river on that map, place a few hundred tangos on the other side of it, put one bridge that both sides watch day and night, and I'm home.

And Streinger's question to our next modder in the Hot Seat

Q: If you have to take only a sidearm, what would you chose; a 9mm pistol with more ammo capacity or '45 with less ammo, but in lot of people’s opinion, better stopping power?

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