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Future Force Warrior System
By: Stalker
Published : November 5th, 2004
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I decided to write this report about the new Future Force Warrior System because it will also be included in the upcoming Ghost Recon 2.

Future Force Warrior System

Two uniform systems for the U.S. Army are under development. The Future Force Warrior system will be available to soldiers in 2010. The Vision 2020 Future Warrior system, which will follow on the concept of the 2010 Future Force Warrior system, is planned to be ready 10 years later.

The two new uniform systems are being developed under the Future Combat System Program. "This Army initiative will develop and demonstrate revolutionary capabilities for the future soldiers in battle," said Jean-Louis DeGay, a Soldier Systems Center representative.

The new systems include a weapon, head-to-toe individual protection, onboard computer network, soldier-worn power sources, and enhanced human performance.

The 2010 Future Force Warrior system will meet the more immediate, short-term demands of our fighting warriors in the battle space, while the 2020 model will remind you of soldiers out of a science fiction movie. The system will include all the technologies and lessons learned from Operation: Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation: Iraqi Freedom (Iraq).

Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq carry large amounts of external weight, often 120 pounds or more, to be battle-ready but the new uniform system only weighs 50 pounds.

The body armor of the new uniforms will absorb the shock of a bullet much better than current bulletproof vests. The hard body armor has been stood off of the body by 2 to 3 inches, so when the soldier is shot, the force is more distributed to decrease injuries such as broken ribs.

Soldiers will be able to chat online with each other while they are walking down a trail. The new system has the ability for each soldier to be tied into tactical local and wide-area networks with an onboard computer that sits at the base of the soldier's back.

Soldiers will also be able to share data with vehicles, aircraft and other soldiers. As has been seen in science-fiction movies, a dropdown piece of eyewear from the helmet allows the soldier to see a 17-inch computer screen displaying anything relayed to the soldier. This eyewear device is see-through, so it hangs out in space. This allows soldiers to take in all supporting data while keeping both hands on their weapons.

One of the most stunning facts about the FWS:
The onboard computer will monitor soldiers' overall physiological picture of how they are performing in the battle zone. The Warrior Physiological Status Monitoring System gives the soldier's body core temperature, skin temperature, heart rate, whether the soldier is standing or prone, and how much water the soldier has drunk. A medic, who can be far away, will now be able to diagnose and treat a soldier who is about to have sunstroke, without even physically seeing the soldier.


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