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Here's my list of cool stuff!

EDimensional Gaming Gadgets

VirtualFX 3D TV Converter

They have all sorts of cool gaming gadgets at EDimensional. I've already tried the awesome 3d glasses (that now also work with LCD monitors), but they have other next gen gaming gadgets such as voice recognition, motion tracking and even gaming chairs. Check them out here.


The latest product shown above comes with 2 pairs of 3d glasses and produces 3d images from game consoles and DVDs, and is apparently flying off the shelves.


My top 5 non Tom Clancy games this season

Half Life 2 you know you want too
The only question about Half Life 2 is why is it not on my hard drive! The answer is simply that I am too busy playing the other 4 games you''ll find in this list. Everyone I know who has Half Life 2 tells me to get this game. Every review I have read, implores me to add it to my collection. And I will, if Santa is good to me! The above link will take you to the special collectors edition, well it is Christmas, treat yourself!


Doom3 dark, scary, fantastic visuals
This is the game I play last thing at night, or more usually early into the morning. It's best played with the lights out and headphones on, in total darkness with no distractions. The only problem with that is when I eventually slope off to bed and close my eyes, all I see is ugly monsters running towards me. It looks amazing, with lots going on in every location and superb visuals. You games collection quite simply is not complete without this game.


Need For Speed Underground 2 You can't handle this speed!
Racers are great fun and are now starting to produce visuals that arguably surpass just about any other game genre. You know the visuals are cool when you spend almost as much time watching the replays as you do playing the game - and that's exactly what I end up doing with NFS:UG2 - watching replays; they are fantastic! When you are racing around the city at breakneck speeds you miss so much of this games beauty, so you just gotta watch the replays to check out the amazing graphics and car models. With this latest version there is an totally amazing amount of customisation you can do, amazing selection of game modes, amazing graphics, and to sum up, I just reckon this game is amazing.


Medal of Honor Pacific Assault atmospheric and intense
I wrote a full review of this game already, read it here. What I liked about this title was the same thing I liked about Band of Brothers - it manages to bring home the horror of war, but in a very compassionate way. The soundtrack is awesome and the cut scenes are tremendous, not surprising considering the professional talent EA games threw at this game.


Joint Operations + Escalation Expansion huge, huge, and huger
Last in my list of Top 5 games, but not last in popularity by a long chalk. Joint Operations is a huge game with gorgeous, huge maps, vehicles by the score and jaw dropping visuals (if your card can support them). The Escalation expansion pack brings more maps, more weapons, more vehicles, and cool stuff like parachuting and motorbikes. There's no single player component worth talking about - it's all multiplayer, and it's great.




Here's a list of books I have read and would recommend.

Generation Kill the real true story of First Recon marines in Iraq
I read this on ebook, but wished I had the hardback because it includes many photographs. I have just put up a short review of Generation Kill, which you can read here. It is an absolutely riveting read, it gets inside the war in Iraq and inside the heads of the marines fighting that war. If you have any Special Forces books on your bookshelf at all, you just plain have to add this book to the collection. If you don't have any SF books, this is the one to kick start a new collection with; get it, read it, contemplate it.

Swamp Gas Times and from out on the left field...
There has to be more than this... doesn't there? All those UFO reports that went unexplained over the last 40 years, they must add up to something, right? Personally I'm not so sure. Even the most convincing of cases investigated, written about, and turned into movies, have either been explained or had enough doubt cast over them that they really do not hold much water any more. In this book the author brings us up to date with some insightful investigative details that largely destroy even landmark cases, but also manages to introduce some intriguing new cases that had me searching google into the wee small hours for more information. This is a fascinating and more importantly balanced book that anyone with an interest in this subject really should not miss. I published a review on this one in the forums, you can read it here.

The Cell 911
Everyone should read at least one book about 911, the one I picked up was called "The Cell : Inside the 9/11 Plot, And Why the FBI and CIA Failed to Stop It". Here's a shot description from the publisher...

"In The Cell: Inside the 9/11 Plot, and Why the FBI and CIA Failed to Stop It, John Milller, an award-winning journalist and co-anchor of ABC's 20/20, along with veteran reporters Michael Stone and Chris Mitchell, takes readers back more than ten years to the birth of the terrorist cell that later metastasized into al Qaeda's New York operation. This remarkable book offers a firsthand account of what it is to be a police officer, an FBI agent or a reporter obsessed with a case few people will take seriously. The Cell also contains a first-person account of Miller's face-to-face meeting with bin Laden and provides the first full-length treatment to piece together what led up to the events of 9/11, Ultimately delivering the disturbing answer to the question: Why, with all the information the intelligence community had, was no one able to stop the September 11 attacks?"

It's a highly rated, highly detailed book, don't miss this one.

Task Force Dagger compulsive reading
I reviewed this book already here, and as I said there, I am donating every penny in commission received to Special Forces funds, details of which are listed at the back of the book. I don't really have anything to add to the review other than like Generation Kill, I am very glad I read this book - it is an eye opener, but unlike Generation Kill, this book is also controversial, you have been warned!

DVD Selection
I am a bit of a fan of DVD boxed sets. They let me watch all the great TV series I missed because I was sitting here working on this site! Here's my pick of boxed sets that I'm either collecting, hiring, wishing for or adding to my Santa list!

Cheers simply the best
So far I have collected the first two series on DVD and I hope to get series 3 this Christmas. Building this page I noticed that you can now actually buy 3 or 4 season packs! My intention is to watch every single episode of Cheers from start to finish. The early shows are all new to me, I missed out on those ones with Shelly Long, but I am equally looking forward to seeing the later ones with Woody Harrelson again. Cheers is a real LOL series from the eighties that has not aged one bit, great stuff.

Seinfeld a show about nothing
I never even heard of Seinfeld until after I started Ghost I think it was Jester who got me into it. Once I had seen one episode I was hooked, this series was great! I don't have any of the DVDs yet, but as with Cheers, I fully intend to collect every single episode and watch them from start to finish. Fans have been asking about a Seinfeld DVD collection for a long long time, I don't know why it took so long for it to be released, but I am glad it is! Once again, I see there are some special boxed sets with this series, you can check them out by clicking the above link.

Black Hawk Down special 3 disc collectors edition
I've not much to say about this other than if you've not seen it already I am very surprised! Worthy of being in anyone's DVD collection for sure.

Tears of the Sun Bruce Willis
If they ever make a Ghost Recon movie, the team they need to put together is the team that made this film. Awesome.

Did I miss something? Recommend a book, DVD or game and I'll add it to this page with your name!