Making "matching" textures
By Ruin
Published : 19th April 2002
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Just to clarify, when I say matching I mean that when the texture wraps around the mesh, the camouflage doesn't mess up. Here's the difference between the two:



NOTE: In the image with my wrapping technique, I copied one half, flipped it and pasted it to the other side, this is NOT how yours will look entirely, it is only an example.

Ok, here's what you need:

  • Adobe Photoshop (or any good paint package)
  • A Skin to edit

For the sake of this tutorial, I will make a new skin (512x512 pixels, transparent background preferably). Oh, before I go any further, I'm assuming you know the basics, such as the parts of the skin, and have a good knowledge of Photoshop. (Again, I can only write tutorials for Photoshop because that's all I've got. sorry!).

Here are the parts again:

Now, I highly, HIGHLY, recommend the use of Mike Schell's wrinkles, they come in handy quite often. I already have mine saved into a ready to use PSD file. Now you should have the three basic parts, the legs, chest, and arms.

Here's an explanation of what we're going to fix. Obviously we're applying a 2d texture to a 3d object. The way that this is done, is that the skin is wrapped around the mesh, like saran wrap over a banana (best way to put it, honestly).

Ok, because it's easier, I'll use the leg for now. (Assuming you have your camouflage texture ready to edit. DO NOT copy in the wrinkles also, this will completely mess you up!) Let's take the left leg. OK, select it, copy it, and paste it into a brand new, properly sized document. (for sizing, Photoshop does this automatically. It takes the size of the image on the clipboard and uses that canvas size. If you haven't already noticed. :))

From there select just a little bit of the left edge, like so:

Now, copy and paste that into a new document. With this new little sliver go to Edit, Transform, Flip Horizontal. Now it should be a mirror image. Now copy and paste this "new" side onto the right side of the leg, like so:

Now, just work out some camouflage details, making colors match, and just generally making it look good. Now copy and paste your new leg over top the old one, and the texture will wrap with out any flaws.

Depending on you laziness and accuracy, you can remove the step of cutting and pasting the whole leg. But you must have perfect, or near perfect, accuracy or you risk the chance of messing yourself up.

Now do this for the other leg, arms and chest, and then you have your final product.