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Red Storm Soldiers
Published : January 23, 2004
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So you're developing a game, and somehow you need to think up names for your soldiers. Sure thinking up names for your specialist characters was easy, but what about the other 235 characters in the game? Not so easy. So what's a fast (and fun) way to think up some names? Use you own, that's what the guys and gals at RSE did!

It's a neat little trick really, you're running around in Ghost Recon with teammates named Sonedecker and Stelmack, and you keep asking yourself where you have heard those names before, only to realize that they are infact the developers that made the game you are playing at the moment. They did mix up the names a bit though, the best example would probably be the mix with Darren Chukitus and Robbie Edward. Just switch Darren with Robbie, and Robbie with Darren, and bingo, two new characters. This repeats throughout the rest of the cast as well, one developers last name with another developers first, sneaky.

Check out the list below, in bold are the original RSE crew next to there Ghost Recon relatives:

Elizabeth Loverso - Rifleman, Lucas Loverso
Chris Olson - Support, Joseph Olson
Steve Reid - Rifleman, Curtis Reid
Jonathan Peedin - Support, Thomas Peedin
Todd Lewis - Rifleman, Jason Lewis
Michelle Benson - Rifleman, Steve Benson
Trent Giardio - Sniper, Doug Giardio
Jason Jennings - Rifleman, Jason Jennings
Kirk Sanford - Support, Jonathan Sanford
Cassie Vogel - Sniper, Chris Vogel
Brent Wilkinson - Demo, Bryan Wilkinson
Paul D'Agostino - Rifleman, Todd D'Agostino
Joseph Fernald - Sniper, Chris Fernald
Clark Gibson - Support, Philip Gibson
Garner Halloran - Rifleman, Beau Halloran
David Hamm - Rifleman, John Hamm
Philip Hebert - Support, Clark Hebert
Rob & Wes Hunt - Rifleman, Chris Hunt
John O'Brien - Rifleman, Joe O'Brien
Joe Sauder - Support, Eric Sauder
Rusty Rountree - Support, Mike Rountree
Curtis Smith - Demo, Jeffrey Smith
Jason Snyder - Support, Jon Snyder
Craig Staley - Sniper, Craig Staley
Diana, Greg, and Gary Stelmack - Support, Jason Stelmack
Jim Van Verth - Rifleman, Kirk Van Verth
David Weinstein - Demo, Richard Weinstein
Jeff Wesevich - Support, David Wesevich
Eric Armstrong - Demo, Kareem Armstrong
Jeremy Brown - Rifleman, Ken Brown
Michael Cosner - Rifleman, John Cosner
Thomas DeVries - Sniper, Kevin DeVries
Joseph Drust - Sniper, Jonathan Drust
Kristian Hawkinson - Rifleman, Jeff Hawkinson
Mike Haynes - Support, Keven Haynes
Yongha Hwang - Demo, Yongha Hwang
Chris Kemple - Rifleman, Robert Kemple
Jeff McFayden - Rifleman, Kristian McFayden
Suzanne Meiler - Support, Steve Meiler
John Michel - Support, Jeremy Michel
Doug Oglesby - Rifleman, Michael Oglesby
Christopher Reeves - Support, Paul Reeves
Brian Reynolds - Rifleman, Steve Reynolds
Demond Rogers - Demo, Eric Rogers
David Rose - Support, Christopher Rose
Eric Terry - Rifleman, Stuart Terry
Steve Wasaff - Rifleman, Steve Wasaff
Chris Wells - Demo, Danny Wells
Jonathan Corum - Rifleman, Chris Corum
Jaime Cardwell - Sniper, Jacob Carwell
Darren Chukitus - Support, Robbie Chukitus
Chris Curry - Rifleman, Scott Curry
Robbie Edwards - Support, Darren Edwards
Beau Norris - Rifleman, Trent Norris
John Schweitzer - Support, Sloan Schweitzer
Ken Turner - Sniper, Eric Turner
Deke Waters - Demo, Derek Waters
Stuart White - Rifleman, Rusty White
Christian Allen - Demo, Adam Allen
Richard Dansky - Rifleman, David Dansky
Matthias Dohmen - Support, John Dohmen
Michael Fitch - Rifleman, Matthias Fitch
Travis Getz - Rifleman, Donald Getz
John Slaydon - Support, Gary Slaydon
Brian Upton - Rifleman, Travis Upton
John Sonedecker - Support, Greg Sonedecker
Derek Earwood - Support, Ken Earwood
Kareem Leggett - Demo, Demond Leggett
Sloan Anderson - Rifleman, Brian Anderson
Tim Alexander - Rifleman, David Alexander


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