Modder Spotlight : Rpghard
by Rocky
Published : 29th September 2007



October 2007: Rpghard

A Little About Rpghard

Rpghard has been one of the most prolific modders ever in the history of Ghost Recon. In the short history of Ghost Recon advanced Warfighter 1 and 2, he has created a remarkable 33 OGR maps for GRAW, 6 mission campaigns for GRAW2 and 2 coop mp mission for GRAW2, totalling 41 maps/missions.

If you search our download section for rpghard mods, you'll see he is responsible for well over 12,000 downloads from Ghost, quite an achievement.

If you'd like to know a little more about the man behind the mods, read our interview below!

The Hot Seat

Q: Which part of the world are you from?

A: I'm from Momtreal,Canada


Dogfight by Rpghard

Q: How old are you?

A: I am 43 years old.

Painkiller for GRAW 2

Painkiller by Rpghard

Q: What made you first think about starting to mod for GRAW?

A: I begin mapping January 6th 2007. In that time there were not enough maps to run a server and I didn't like some of them. So I wanted to play so much so I begin to be dedicated to it.

Fear the Ripper

Fear the Ripper by Rpghard

Q: Was it difficult to begin with, and is it easier now?

A: I remember my first map 'Destination'. I made it with the editor 5 pass draft (poor quality textures) in that time I didn't know nothing about xml cause 'Ministry' script it for me tks again to him;only looking at xml was giving me headache. So my next map 'Destination2' I made this one by myself since then learning for my previous works always with the desire to be a lonewolf modder.

My patience and determination help me solves all issues testing after testing. And today I can make a top quality mission and xml is very much easier now to understand.

Q: What drives to to keep turning out new missions for GR fans to play?

A: I am a Ghost deep inside of my heart and I do love so much the game.


Guardrail by Rpghard

Q : Which is your favourite mission that you are most pleased with, and why?

A: 'Danger Zone' is a beginning of a new era cause I did go further with the script by implementing new effects into it.

Q: Which other GRAW mods made by other modders have impressed you?

A: 'Island 2' by RavenousNC for map design and script.



Thanks Rpghard, for all your hard work and GRAW modifications!

You can find all Rpghard Ghost Recon mods by searching our Ghost Recon downloads section for "Rpghard", or visit his download library here.